I’m going to make the assumption that you have all graduated from high school.  In that case, you must have been invited to a high school reunion every 10 years or so.

The dictionary defines reunion as:

1: an act of reuniting: the state of being reunited

2: a reuniting of persons after separation

My personal definition is a gathering of friends and former classmates who come together for a planned weekend to reminisce about the awesome things we did in high school.  This is great if after 50 years you are chomping at the bit to see your former classmates, many of whom you haven’t kept in touch with or didn’t know in the first place.  It’s also a time to checkout how much weight everyone has gained, who still colors their hair, who has the most money, who has had what medical procedures, look at pictures of grandkids, and relevant things like that.

This October will be my 50th and I plan on attending.  I was on the planning committee for the past 4 reunions.  I decided not to work on this one.  Lack of interest is the only reason I can figure out.  I can’t honesty say I am excited about the upcoming 3-day event.  I had a great time in high school and had many friends.  Fifty years later, things have changed.  I am a different person now.  I am much more aware of the world and it’s problems.  I’m not in touch with that many of my former classmates. Talking about all the past fun and who did what etc., kind of bores me.   Since most people’s unwritten rule is “don’t discuss religion or politics” I guess I’ll have to revert to 1960 memories.

I’ve got my clothes purchased, my haircut and color appointment made, and even though it’s in the same town in which I live, I’m going to stay overnight in the hotel so I can drink and not have to drive home.  My hubby isn’t going and I totally understand.  I will have a good time seeing the group of girlfriends who have kept in touch, and with a couple of drinks, I may even mingle and make small talk with others.   Who knows, it may be a blast.  I may discover I’m looking forward to the 60th.



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15 responses to “Reunions

  1. dooty

    I didn’t go to the 20th as I didn’t have the money and I wasn’t a couple. No discounts for singles. I went to the 30th and had a good time. Went one other time (it all runs together) and found how to contact a great friend from junior high. There were people I didn’t know or care to see but for me, there were people there I genuinely was glad to see.

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  3. dooty

    Is it me or has the rabid AZ righties sorta quit whining about how the government isn’t doing its job since those white prisoners escaped from their AZ prison?

  4. Moe

    Serendipity. I stop by this morning and find out I’m not the only living person in these parts facing a 50th high school reunion! Mine is 1500 miles away. It’s a fairly easy trip, but the event isn’t important enough for me to do that. Were I a car ride away, I’m sure I’d be there.

    I enjoyed 20th and 30th and haven’t been back since. Both times, I was delighted by the immediate rebonding. I guess when you spend four years with the same people at such an impressionable time in your life, that bond is strong.

    Have fun!!

  5. dooty


    I did hear that insipid JD Hayworth say this AM on MSNBC that he was joining a rally on the border tomorrow to protest the fact that the govt is not doing enough. There are more border patrol now on the US/Mexican border than ever before. I also saw a pol ad for Quayle’s stupid son who is following his daddy by running for Congress in AZ say that Illegal Illegal Illegal drug gangs in Mexico on the border dot dot dot. So, according to this nimrod, we have to fight the drug gangs IN MEXICO. How did this country become so friggin’ stupid.

  6. TempeBev

    Boo-hiss on Ben Quayle. Full of ca-ca. Some are giving the Gov flack because of the prison escapes since she cut the budget than included prison funding. Hopefully the present attn gen who is running against the gov will will, but because of all the dumbshits living here we’ll have another year of stupid legislature members and a repub gov. Yuck. They are all nimrods and worse.

  7. dog's eye view

    Discussion of forcing him out of the race, you say?

    Colorado’s GOP is going through less shock than South Carolina’s Democrats.

    I think there’s still a shoe or two to drop on the mysterious Mr. Alvin Greene.

    Somebody put him up to it. It will come out one day …

  8. dog's eye view

    Bev: have a great time at the reunion. Staying at the hotel sounds like a great idea. More chances to run into people, and do a brunch the next day. (Or pool.)

    There are a few folks from high school I am curious about, but not curious enough yet to actually attend a reunion.

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