NYC Mosque Controversy

Sigh.  It’s the silly season.  And nothing is sillier than the “white hot” emotions stirred up about the proposed mosque at ground zero.  A couple points of clarification.  First, it’s not at ground zero.  It’s two blocks away.  Two blocks in a compact area like Manhattan is like two miles anywhere else.  Second, it’s not a mosque, it’s a community center.  Third, it’ll class up the area.  Last time I was in Manhattan, this was not the prettiest of neighborhoods.  But those who choose to make this an issue won’t let facts stand in the way of their propaganda.  Their untold subtext is that the Muslims are trying to stick it to non-Muslim Americans by putting it so close to ground zero.  Bullshit.

The White House decided this was important enough for the President to weigh in.  This, of course, just fanned the flames.  Here’s what the President needs to do: get local Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders together to praise the community center.  Remember that Christians, Jews and Muslims are all children of Abraham.

ps. Mr. President, I recommend ImamFaisal Abdul Rauf, Rabbi Marc Gellman and Monsignor Tom Hartman.  Always glad to help 😉



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24 responses to “NYC Mosque Controversy

  1. This is beyond silly season, this is about the disgusting GOP tactic of stirring up hate to get votes, The elder Bush did it Willie Horton, the younger Bush did it with gays in 2006 and now the current crap of GOP scum bags are doing it with not only Muslims but also Hispanics. It’s time to call the GOP exactly what they are, the klan sans the sheets.

  2. Don’t give up your day job for stand up comedy!

  3. Elvis being dead has nothing to do with you feeling old!

  4. TempeBev

    Change is inevitable – some will like it and some will not. To make this a political issue is beyond silly – it’s typical of what has happened regarding every issue. The Party of No Way Jose seems to be meeting their goal of totally tearing up and dividing the country.

    • dnd

      Doots, following up from the last thread, aren’t there railway right of ways in the path that I-10 takes? I don’t know about Texas, but here in Colorado, we had railroads long before we had paved roads.

  5. No one wants to say it though they see and hear it everyday out of the mouths of Republicans.

    Their tactics and policies are no different than the tactics and policies of Hitler’s Nazi’s during Hitlers rise to power in 1930’s Germany.

    Today’s GOP are the New Nazi’s and they are the Republican Nazi Party.

    Every day they should be called to their faces Nazi’s and they should all be executed for Treason.

    And their children who are the evil seed spawned by Satan should be removed from the Earth as well.

    As Jesus said you can tell a tree by its fruit. If it’s poisonous then cutting down the tree will not stop its seed from sprouting and growing to where its poison continues to spread its poisonous fruit and killing people.

    To remove evil one must also remove all evil seeds sown so I pray that all Republicans and their evil seeds of Satan face the Angel of Death in the form of Sharon Angles Second Amendment Remedies and are taken out.

  6. TempeBev

    That’s impressive – anon!

  7. dooty

    “Doots, following up from the last thread, aren’t there railway right of ways in the path that I-10 takes? I don’t know about Texas, but here in Colorado, we had railroads long before we had paved roads.”

    there definitely is a east-west route for the railroad. I don’t think it follows the I-10 corridor though.I think it follows the border of Texas. One of the problems of using the same route is the rail beds are old and would certainly not stand up for high speed travel. The costs in rebuilding this would be tremendously expensive per mile costs. It might be cheaper to just build new rail lines. Wouldn’t you need to have a track dedicated for travel in each direction? The the trains that move freight would have to be re-routed some other way. Not sure there is any other route also. This would be a major time eater also. It might take 20 years just to get across Texas. It could be done but I am not sure the payoff is big enough right now for any one to sink that much money into a project like this. I hate to be so negative on rail as the railroad is a life blood for me and my family (dad’s father and dad both retired from rail roads and I would for the Frisco RR for several years after the Air Force.

  8. dooty

    would = worked*

  9. dog's eye view

    I think the Mosque noncontroversy is more evidence the FoxGOP has jumped the shark.

    Our country is founded on peaceful religious tolerance. A lot of the people ginning this up are anti-all Islam, got us into Iraq, and are using this for their own purposes.

    I suspect a lot of people are watching this with distaste and it might remind them why they are so sick of the rightwing fearmongers in this country.

    I don’t think the GOP is going to to do as well as they think in November. They’re too extreme.

  10. dog's eye view

    Dana Milbank column today.

    He interweaves current GOP Mosque-squeak with George Washington’s response to the Jews of Touro Synagogue in Newport, RI, who pled for religious freedom and full rights as citizens 220 years ago.

    Dana Milbank, “Religious tolerance, then and now”

    Key passages from Washington’s letter:

    “The Citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy: a policy worthy of imitation. All possess alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship.

    … It is now no more that toleration is spoken of, as if it was by the indulgence of one class of people, that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights. For happily the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their effectual support.”

    (Of course, one must remember that Washington wrote while America still allowed slavery. He was careful to delineate”Citizens'” rights.)

    We progressed from slavery, and will get past this Mosque poutrage too.

    I rather hope it comes back to bite at election time.

  11. dog's eye view

    Re intercity rail:

    Check out this “straddling bus” that is already in development. Looks like a moving tunnel; carries passengers above and over the traffic on road service.

    Maybe we will see something like this in the not too distant future.

    Way cheaper than building subway or maybe even light rail.

    Props to Andrew Sullivan, who had this up on his site.

  12. dog's eye view

    Here’s the UTNE Reader link re the straddling bus.

    Wish I could put a picture up for you somehow.

  13. dooty

    maybe those things are like the “diamond lanes” they have in Dallas. Only on expressways and you can only enter in certain places and they only go toward town in the AM and to the suburbs in the PM. Also, have to have two or more people riding in the car to use the “diamond lanes” Dallas also had lite rail also into downtown. There are trains out to some of the suburbs but not all the suburbs yet. The minorities still have to ride the buses.

  14. dooty

    the city I live in is under capitalized by about 71millon this coming year. They are gonna close the libraries and swimming pools and make the city close one day a week. Yet, there is a plan on going to make a part of the north side into a water front. About 300 million a year to make this happen. Of course, this is not all Fort Worth money. The Feds have piled a load in on this Boondoggle. Still, when you consider that the head of this thing is JD Granger who is the son of Kay Granger (R) this project is couched as a flood control issue. The Trinity River has not flooded in Fort Worth since 1949 and the river was re-routed by the Corp of Engineers after that. This is also an Eminent Domain issue to allow certain people to have lake front properties near downtown.

    Sorry for the rant. Oh, the same clowns are now spending $800k for a study on street cars.

  15. dooty

    Dr Laura is telling Larry King she is done on radio after her contract expires. Good news there.

  16. dooty

    sorry to be a blog hog but his is too rich to pass up. Dr Laura says she is not retiring or quitting. She wants her first amendment rights back. So, as I read this I am thinking she wants to use the N word when ever she wants. Dip shit!

  17. dog's eye view

    Why good evening there, Sr. Doots.

    From NYTimes website on Dr. Laura retiring her show.

    She used the n-word 11 times?

    And is worried about her First Amendment rights?

    Maybe she wants to spend more time with her mother.

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