The Obama Vacation

Well, the world is going to hell in a hand basket, the economy is in the dumps, we’re in two wars, so what does the President decide to do?  GO ON VACATION!  And not just any vacation.  They’re going to Martha’s Vineyard, that bastion of snobby, effete, elite liberals.  This is another sign that he is a socialist Muslim born in Kenya.

Or perhaps the problem is that the Obama’s don’t have a vacation home.  FDR had Warm Springs,  Truman had Key West, JFK had  Hyannis Port, LBJ had his ranch, Nixon had San Clemente, Ford had Vail, Carter had his peanut farm in Georgia, Reagan had his ranch in Santa Barbara, Bush 41 a retreat in Kennebunkport, and Bush 43 his “ranch” in in Crawford.  The only two presidents in recent history who didn’t have a vacation home are Clinton and Obama.

Studies have shown that successful people all take time to recharge their batteries.  To those of the chattering class that are offended that the President is taking a little time off from the most stressful job in the world, I’d suggest it’s time for you to take a vacation.


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7 responses to “The Obama Vacation

  1. Morning peeps,

    (“Obama’s ” why the comma?)

  2. dog's eye view

    I join you in wishing that some of the chattering class take a LOT of time off.

    Vacations and time away are important for productivity, and I’d imagine a President rarely gets more than a few minutes “off” without being reminded of the pressures of the job and decisions to be made. At least he’s in a different and beautiful locale for a while.

    It’s important to recharge and refresh, and the daughters will be back in school quite soon.

    PS: We should keep an ear out for where our media elite vacation this year. Since they had so much to say about Michelle’s Spain trip.

    I think most of them should spend some time in “flyover America” with “flyover Americans”, period. A lot of time.

    It’s a foreign country to many.

    • dnd

      Fun fact: Obama has taken 80 vacation days. At the same time in his presidency, George Bush had taken 225.

      • dnd

        I’d like to see a poll taken of the reporters covering the President: During August would you rather cover President Obama in Martha’s Vineyard or President Bush in Crawford?

  3. TempeBev

    I guess he media/repugs have nothing else to complain about so they pick on the prez going on vacation. Nothing is said about Congress who is also on break, but that’ OK since most are campaigning for re-election.

    Heaven help up is O is ever caught picking his nose – it would be a sure sign he is a Muslim or something else.

  4. dooty

    I find this troubling. I experienced some of that in the Air Force basic training. We were told that we had to have a religion on our dog tags. We were told “no preference” was not acceptable.

  5. Given that the President is from Hawaii, maybe he could do what Truman did when the Pauleys (as in Pauley Pavillion) owned Coconut Island and Truman vacationed there. The home is still there even though it is now owned by the state….

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