The Opposite of Faith

Wednesday, John Fugelsang, who is filling in for Stephanie Miller, had a really interesting view on faith.  He said: “I use to think the opposite of faith was certainty, but I came to understand that the opposite of faith is fear.”  You don’t have to contemplate this statement for very long to understand how true it is.

So the lesson here is that those who profess faith and preach fear should be looked at with a healthy dose of skepticism.

p.s. For some background, Fugelsang is known as the “ecclesiastic mook” on the Stephanie Miller show because he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Bible.  His father was a Franciscan brother, his mother an ex-Nun.



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20 responses to “The Opposite of Faith

    • dnd

      Terry Jones calls the whole thing off. Says he was looking for a sign from God. Apparently he will meet with Imam Rauf Saturday to discuss the “ground zero” mosque.

      I think the sign from God was that his church mortgage holder pulled it and his insurer has pulled the churches insurance.

  1. The one thing this entire Koran burning story makes me certain of is religion is just dumb, all of them!

    • dnd

      “The one thing this entire Koran burning story makes me certain of is religion is just dumb, all of them!”

      Fugelsang said he feels the same way about Jesus as he does about Elvis. Loves the guy, but the fan club scares him.

  2. dog's eye view

    Can’t wait to see what that Jones asshat pulls for a second act.

    So much for not rewarding bad behavior.

    I’d rather worship with the Boy in the Balloon’s family.

  3. dog's eye view

    All the cable controversy du jour makes me wish we could all watch “Network” together some day and blog in real time while doing so.

    Have never seen that movie and shudder to think what’s in it as cautionary tale that is business as usual now.

  4. go rent it dog and watch it, it’s fun!

  5. TempeBev

    IMO, religion generates fear. It’s such a thorny subject where there is little agreement except “you’re going to hell” if you don’t do such and such. Hypocritical and fear mongering are two words that describe religion. I agree with Brian.

  6. dog's eye view

    Organized religion too often gives “faith” a bad name. It’s social control and hierarchy under the guise of salvation and the “one right path”.

  7. TempeBev

    Just a fleeting thought – who will be the first repug or other to say this proves Obama is a Muslin since his administration etc, stopped the burning of the Quran?

  8. TempeBev

    Hip- hip-hooray!!!!

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