Nine Years Later



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7 responses to “Nine Years Later

  1. Well said Mr. President. As a New Yorker I can’t begin to describe just how disgusted I am by what the GOP and right have been doing over the past year by attempting to exploit peoples fears and ignorance. Today is a day that should draw people together not driven further apart.

  2. TempeBev

    Well said, Brian.

  3. dog's eye view

    I am hoping that this display of intolerance and sheer meanness will actually backfire on the GOP in midterms. They might be peaking early.

    Who wants to live in a country with this kind of freak show on parade?

    Recall how Americans did rally around GWBush in 9/11’s aftermath. Maybe the anniversary and Obama’s inclusive speech will remind people of that, and how it’s wrong to scapegoat Muslims.

    Please let the sane ones rally around our president, who faces even greater challenges.

    We can’t do much about the insane ones, although it’s time to challenge them, gently, personally, and persistently, when they make their statements about “losing their freedoms.”

    What freedoms, and how precisely?

    No one has answered that for me yet.

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