Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus Day has  been celebrated for many centuries in many countries.  In America it’s used as a celebration of Italian Heritage.  Sure there are many that paint Columbus as the leader of the genocide of the Native America, but they fail to recognize that what we regard as the North American southwest,  Central America and South America were dominated by the Conquistadors who came from Spain and Portugal.  That’s why the national language in central and south America is either Spanish or Portuguese (Brazil).

So today, it’s great to celebrate the Italian heritage.  Go to a red sauce joint and have some ravioli with a glass of chianti, with a little spumoni for desert.  Listen to some Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett. Sing “That’s Amore”  with Dean Martin.  Watch a video clip of Joe DiMaggio or Yogi Berra playing baseball.  Know that physicist Enrico Fermi’s genius helped get us out of WWII.

What makes America exceptional is how we are made up of and embrace so many cultures, and today is our day to embrace our Italian heritage.  Eh, paisano?



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11 responses to “Happy Columbus Day!

  1. So today is hug a Guido day aye?

  2. TempeBev

    It’s also a day like so many other holidays, that kids are off from school and stores have BIG SALES to make money. I think the purpose of so many historical remembrance days has been forgotten and has just become a day off of school, a 3 day weekend for gov. workers, and a day for business to reap the dollar.

  3. TempeBev

    For those of you who are fans of Jon Stewart, this is a great interview by Terry Gross on NPR. It’s 45 min. long, but well worth it. It’s a great insight of Jon as a person.


  4. dog's eye view

    Buona giornata, backchannel amigos.

    Yeah, Columbus Day has been so deneutered that we have been sitting here waiting for our mail and forgot no banking today either.

    Balloon Juice has a thread up on holidays that have outlived their usefulness or remembrance.

    John Cole: “Just curious- has there ever been a time when the Federal Government has retracted a holiday? Times change, and I don’t know anyone who celebrates Columbus Day. I’m betting the vast majority of you had no idea, either, and really the only people who probably are aware are Native Americans (for obvious reasons), federal employees (again for obvious reasons), and people who teach grade school (also for obvious reasons). Is there really any point to this holiday anymore?

    Why not review our list of Holidays and get rid of some and start celebrating stuff that really matters to the country? Get rid of Columbus day and give everyone the Monday after the Super Bowl off.”


    Bev: great catch on the Terry Gross interview. Look forward to it.

    Now, fit in a chianti or an espresso or some tiramisu today. (Yeah, the last is probably akin to chop suey or ersatz Ethnic dishes.)

  5. dog's eye view

    Listened to the Jon Stewart interview.

    It was terrific, as Bev advertised.

    Struck by how gracious he was in speaking of Glenn Beck; did not belittle him (didn’t need to, since made such good points on facts).

    Makes the Sanchez tirade that occurred after this interview look doubly idiotic.

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