Republicans May Become a Minor Party in Colorado

Colorado law defines a minor party as having polled less than 10 percent of the vote in a gubernatorial election.  That may happen this year.  The latest polls show Democratic candidate Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper at 49%, American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo at 39% and Republican candidate Dan Maes at 9%.

Going from major party status to a minor party (and vice versa) has big implications.  These fall into two categories: campaign funding and the number of signatures needed to get on the ballot.

Donors to major party candidates can contribute up to the max for both the primary and the general.  Donors to minor party candidate can max out only once.

To run for the Colorado Legislature a major-party candidate needs 1,000 signatures, or 30% of the number of votes cast in the last primary, while a minor-party candidate needs about half that. The difference is even greater in higher offices. A major-party candidate for governor needs to collect 1,500 signatures from registered voters from each of the seven congressional districts, while a minor-party candidate has to collect only 1,000 signatures from registered voters across the state.

This will make it difficult for the ACP candidates, and probably result in a flood of Republican wing-nut candidates.

This all came about in this wacky primary season when the angry and frustrated Republicans turned out for Tea Party candidate Maes.  Feeling that Maes wouldn’t stand a chance against Hickenlooper, the publicity seeking Tancredo told him to drop out or he would run as a third party candidate.  Had Maes dropped out, Tancredo allegedly would have quit and  the Republican elites (not the voters) would select a presumably more competitive candidate.  Neither would budge.  So now the Republicans may wind up being a minor party in Colorado.



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41 responses to “Republicans May Become a Minor Party in Colorado

  1. Dooty

    can’t happen too soon for me

  2. TempeBev

    That would be great. I hope it become a trend! One week to go.

  3. Dooty

    The wackos in Colorado are now starting to challenge the wackos in Texas. Weird!

  4. dog's eye view

    Very interesting post, dnd. Maybe a taste of elections to come if the GOP continues its trajectory.

    Have been canvassing in Santa Ana, CA (Orange County) and meeting a lot of sane voters. Who tell me they have mailed in their ballots.

    Jerry Brown is doing well among them. Many don’t seem focused on the national elections, but I am pleased they are voting at all.

    I am hoping the Tea Party has “peaked” too early.

    Also curious if John Stewart can move some voters to the polls.

  5. dog's eye view

    The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XI halloween special tonight.

    President Barack Obama on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart too.


    I think not.

    Choose your horror show.

    (Jon Stewart’s rally this weekend is scaring the Washington Post editors sick. They can hardly contain themselves over there. It’s clinical, I tell you.)

  6. Dooty

    I just got a phone call from the president asking me to vote. I have already. Thanks for the call Barack.

  7. dog's eye view

    I think it’s professional jealousy on the part of the some of the media, particularly the sell-out media.

    Jon Stewart is smart, well-informed, does his homework, and has been doing their job better than they do, wittily even.

    He didn’t outflank them on “most trusted” through humor alone.

  8. Dooty


    White is running a pretty good campaign against Perry but I fear it won’t be good enough.

  9. dog's eye view

    On the New York Times website front page, from an Alessandra Stanley piece.

    “The Plight of the Political Comedian”

    subheadline: The question posed by “The Daily Show” on Wednesday is whether a political satirist loses credibility when hobnobbing with a sitting president.

    I ask you, is this not ass backwards?

    • dnd

      This morning I clicked on MSNBC and all the buzz was a critique of Obama on the Daily Show, all saying how the President had failed. I don’t think any of those commenting actually watched. I thought the President did great. Could it be that MSNBC is as scripted as Fox?

  10. Dooty

    It is all starting to make sense now… Christine O’Donnell, Delaware’s Republican and tea party candidate for the Senate, is the daughter of Daniel O’Donnell, a TV actor who once played Bozo the Clown.

  11. Dooty

    found this when Kathrine Graham Cracker posted this.

    A pretty little girl named Suzy was standing on the sidewalk in front of her home. Next to her was a basket containing a number of tiny creatures; in her hand was a sign announcing FREE KITTENS.
    Suddenly a line of big black cars pulled up beside her. Out of the lead car stepped a grinning woman.
    “Hi there little girl, I’m Sarah Palin. What do you have in the basket?” she asked.
    “Kittens,” little Suzy said.

    “How old are they?” asked Palin.

    Suzy replied, “They’re so young, their eyes aren’t even open yet.”

    “And what kind of kittens are they?”

    “Tea Party,” answered Suzy with a smile.

    Palin was delighted. As soon as she returned to her car, she called her PR chief and told him about the little girl and the kittens.

    Recognizing the perfect photo op, the two agreed that the former governor should return the next day; and in front of the assembled media, have the girl talk about her discerning kittens.

    So the next day, Suzy was again standing on the sidewalk with her basket of “FREE KITTENS,” when another motorcade pulled up, this time followed by vans from ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN.

    Cameras and audio equipment were quickly set up, then Palin got out of her limo and walked over to little Suzy.

    “Hello, again,”she said, “I’d love it if you would tell all my friends out there what kind of kittens you’re giving away.”

    “Yes ma’am,” Suzy said. “They’re Democrats.”

    Taken by surprise, Palin stammered, “But… but… yesterday, you told me they were TEA PARTY.”

    Suzy smiled and said, “I know. But today, they have their eyes open.”

  12. Anonymous

    From Crawford’s blog…

    What’s killing this blog? Do the individuals bore us? Or can we be more selective of our audience by using facebook or a personal blog?
    In any case, I’m only going to pay attention to one guru sponsored site. Is this one now so passe that I should look for another one, if such a beast exists that matches this one for quality as measured by past activity and host sensibility?
    Posted by: Flatus  | October 28, 2010 9:42 AM

    Speaking for myself, I miss the good old days, don’t you?  Why not a rapprochement?  Both blogs seem to be dying… 

    You know I speak the truth. What say ye?  

  13. dog's eye view

    Why are you posting this anonymously? If it bears saying, you can divulge who you are and why you care, please.

  14. dog's eye view

    Is anyone going to the March for Sanity or a satellite rally?

    Thinking on going to Los Angeles’s.

    Of course, I do not recognize any of the comedians lined up.

    • dnd

      There’s a satellite rally at the Civic Center in Denver, but I’m too busy to get there tomorrow. Suppose to be a beautiful day, so there should be a good turnout.

  15. dog's eye view

    I hope you are busy with GOTV activities tomorrow, Mr. dnd.

    If you are making up a year’s supply of chile whatever, I do not want to hear about it.

  16. dog's eye view

    “Margaret, all it takes is ten minutes of channel surfing and you quickly find out that the number of problems facing America seem to correspond with the number of channels offered on cable television. I told Harold to cancel our subscription and get out the old rabbit ears.

    If Glenn Beck hasn’t met a half-man-half-monkey yet, he didn’t get out much during his rally. There was more knuckle dragging on the National Mall that day than the National Zoo… ”

    It’s Margaret and Helen.

    “I can see November on my TV … so I turned it off.”

  17. MadMustard

    dog’s eye view says:
    October 29, 2010 at 11:19 am
    Why are you posting this anonymously? If it bears saying, you can divulge who you are and why you care, please.

    Well, dog’s eye view, I guess you have a point. If someone tells you the theater is on fire you need to know who said it and their motivations. Or… to debate the font size your exit sign. 

    Everyone knew me as MadMustard, in the old days. I stopped posting their because I felt unwelcome…  I posted anonymously here once because of a mistake of my iPhone settings. A curious thing happened, I was acknowledged. 

    These blogs seem more important to this group and the C’list camp more than me. It looked like both were in trouble; I was just trying to help. 

    I’ll never bother either of you, ever again. 


    • dnd

      I too stopped posting there because I felt unwelcome. I think the idea of rapprochement is a noble one, and pragmatic as well. However there was a huge sea change on that blog during the primaries. I doubt if many of us exiles would be welcome back, much less welcomed by the new crowd that was a resulted from that sea change. They have been welcome here (Patsi and Jamie show up from time to time). I think I can speak for everyone here that you are most welcome here.

  18. dog's eye view

    Mad: who said you were bothering anyone?

    I, for one, am thrilled to see you here and hope you pester us lots.

    Did not guess it was you who posted anonymously, but knew the post was sincere and have been thinking on it.

    My take: Trail Mix is in the past for me.

    First, I would not be allowed to post there.

    Second, I don’t care what happens there anymore. Haven’t checked the site for several months. That it’s “in trouble” is the first I’ve heard.

    There are many commenters I like very much on Trail Mix. (Even champ.) I miss several, and wish them well. Hello to Jamie and Patsy and pogo and flatus and CBob and lots of good folk.

    I have no respect for its creator, Craig Crawford, who treated the blog’s Obama supporters very shabbily and allowed them to be bullied off the site or banned them himself.

    There are better uses of time and way smarter blogs to read.

    But you, mustard, are a dear to suggest a rapprochement.

    PS: if this backchannel blog is small and doesn’t attract many posts or comments, that’s OK. It’s a wonderful group of people and a pleasure checking in on this tiny world.

  19. Hi dog…

    Like you in some ways I don’t really comment much over at TM or here for that matter.

    At TM mainly because my views are considered extreme because I call the Repubs Nazi’s. That is how I see them by their embracing of many of the policies of the Nazi’s under Hitler.

    Here because I don’t really have much to say and I do read both blogs everyday.

    I admit to being pretty much burned out from the last few years that I blogged at my own blog. The people are getting more and more violent and I deeply fear that they will start killing people because the Repub’s have done nothing to lower the rhetoric and even seem to enjoy inciting it.

    Though I still believe that voting for President Obama was the right choice like some I am getting and even more so feel tired of defending him.

    I have some very big issues with his refusal to go after the previous administration for War Crimes and violations of Our Constitution. However, I also understand the tightrope he must walk since I know that they would just as soon kill him than work with him to repair the damage that they have done to our country.

    But then after all I am paranoid and probably considered to have quite a few nuts loose in my brain.

    Anyway I thought that I would say the same thing that you did and say its good to see Mad Mustard leaving a comment over here and I hope he stops by frequently.

    Have a good day dog and God bless you my friend.

  20. TempeBev

    Jon Stewart’s rally was great. My daughter was there. Traveled from Utah for the event. Called me 3 times – riding the metro – totally crowded, arriving at the mall – lots and lots of people, and after it was over – people just wandering all over – can’t wait to see what the regular media has to say. No doubt they will twist and turn the facts and show the wrong picture (Glen Beck’s rally) as they did on Politico.

    • dnd

      That is so cool that your daughter went to the rally. I heard this am that there were over 200,000 people in attendance.

      I think a couple of Stewart’s lines will be repeated: “We live in hard times, not the end of time.” and “If you amplify everything, you hear nothing.”

      I’ve only seen one press report of it, on CNN. It was pretty positive. I expect some of the other cable channels won’t be so kind, as Stewart was targeting them.

  21. dog's eye view

    Bev: way cool your daughter was there. It may well be a historic event, of sorts. Hope it helps turn the tide back to sanity. Batshit angry craziness doesn’t have much appeal.

    a-p: good point about burning out. I initially thought your views were on the extreme side, but life keeps catching up with you. And a hello to you, my friend.

    I caught the last hour of the LA Sanity rally — it was after Stewart-Colbert program had concluded. Maybe 500 people there. (But first time I got around LA by their metro system, which is cheap and a breeze to use.)

    You don’t need it, but everybody: call anyone you think is persuadable for voting for grownup, sane people on Tuesday.

    The GOP has not won the midterms yet, and maybe we can still snatch it from them.

  22. TempeBev

    Just got another call – drinking somewhere in DuPont Circle. Happy no one knows they’re from Utah, even tho’ they’re not LDS.

  23. TempeBev

    Check out NYT on the Rally:

    I’ve heard that Jon is now the “most trusted man in the news” and after his moving remarks at the end of the gathering, there is no doubt in my mind.

  24. TempeBev

    Referencing the above posts from MM and AN. I was a reader of TM. I found this blog and thoroughly enjoy it. Some have left, but many have stayed and continue to contribute. DND is going a great job as administrator. The topics change whenever, we just keep adding, expressing our opinion, changing the subject when something moves us. It’s low key but as dog says, it’s a great group who love to exchange ideas. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a new thread each day.

    Please join us whenever you want – if you only want to read, that’s fine, but we would love to have you post, just to keep us up-to-date about yourselves.

    Again, Kudo’s to dnd – great job!

  25. dog's eye view


    Treats only for backchannelers and other friends today.

    I love this song; gets me in the Halloween mood.

    Speaking polemically, obviously Mr. Osbourne did not write the lyrics.

  26. dog's eye view

    James Fallows has some good posts up on yesterday’s Jon Stewart rally. He compares Stewart to Will Rogers as a comedian/moralist, and includes a 12 minute C-Span clip from Stewart’s conclusion, where he addressed, among other things, cable’s power to divide us.

    A Fallows reader sent him link to Stewart’s first show after the 9/11 tragedy, original air date September 20, 2001.

    What struck me: Stewart’s comments on chaos, in this case the chaos that spawned the hijackers’ plot.


    ” … Any fool can blow something up. Any fool can destroy. But to see these guys, these firefighters and these policemen and people from all over the country, literally with buckets, rebuilding. . . that’s extraordinary. And that’s why we have already won. . . they can’t. . . it’s light. It’s democracy. They can’t shut that down.

    They live in chaos. And chaos, it can’t sustain itself–it never could. It’s too easy and it’s too unsatisfying.”

    Think of the series of tragedies that followed Al Qaeda’s attack.

    The worst, most lasting threat to our democracy was spawned within, by a terrible administration using war as a cover.

    Today we are faced with Republican and conservative intransigents who have rebranded themselves as Tea Party patriots (OK, maybe 8% of that “movement” is grassroots and genuine), and they are raring to destroy Obama personally and every positive change he has fought to accomplish.

    (Or so they say. And our 24/7 cycle lets them say it and say it, and does not give equal time to voices of reason and moderation.)

    We are surrounded by fools who want to blow things up.

    So I wonder if Stewart is actually as sanguine as he sounded yesterday about Americans’ power to solve our own problems, or at least address them seriously, or if he just wanted to close on a grace note.

    (Link to transcript of 9/20 show follows.)

  27. dog's eye view

    “Are You Okay?”

    Transcript, Jon Stewart, The Daily Show.

    September 20, 2001

  28. dog's eye view

    Dog’s monologue continues:

    Jeffrey Shaffer, former TV news producer, writing in Christian Science Monitor on cable talk shows and their direct effect on our politics.

    “During the past 18 years, frequent talk show guest and current “tea party”-backed US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has made a lot of statements – such as denying the separation of church and state in America – that I consider ridiculous.

    But she and I are on the same wavelength about one subject: why people like her are able to use TV as a springboard to fame.

    Having worked on both sides of the camera, I know why news producers are attracted to ambitious, compelling, even zany characters: Viewers enjoy the show and a big audience brings good ratings.

    Sometimes I feel like a relic of some lost civilization. I grew up watching elected officials who practiced civility. I got my broadcasting license in an era of strict rules about what not to say into a live microphone. Policy debates focused on content and critical thinking.

    But today, ideas have been replaced by talking points. Snarky comments are prized elements in the battle to “control the narrative” and “push back” against opposing views. Public discourse has been transformed into the spoken-word equivalent of cage fighting.

    You may not like the type of candidates this system is producing, but no one should claim to be surprised. The audience gets what it clamors for.”

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