Ted Sorenson 1928- 2010





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  1. dog's eye view

    A good, good man and principled public servant.


  2. dog's eye view

    From a Gallup story on our sidebar:

    One in Four Say Congress Accomplished
    More than Usual this Year

    “PRINCETON, NJ — Despite the 111th Congress’ passage of a lengthy list of legislation, including a massive healthcare bill, 37% of Americans say it has accomplished less this year than in the past few years, and a smaller 23% say it has accomplished more.

    This question is particularly relevant this year because the current Democratically controlled Congress has passed a series of high-profile legislative bills, including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and others. Nevertheless, the large majority of Americans do not perceive that what Congress has accomplished is more than it has done in previous years. …”



    Having a (purposely) profoundly uninformed electorate has consequences. Cable, the networks, even the New York Times have blanketed us with stories about how the Democrats cannot get anything done.

    Of course, Gallup story notes that only one Democratic legislative achievement — financial regulatory reform — is approved by a majority of those polled.

    Death panels, anyone?

    • dnd

      Good point Dog.

      A funny thing I’ve noticed today. A lot of cable’s talking heads that Stewart derided at his rally are today agreeing with him, apparently clueless that he was talking about them. This cluelessness further strengthens Stewart’s thesis.

  3. dog's eye view

    Insomnia overnight (I am anxious about tomorrow).

    Saw David Carr’s asinine NY Times column even before Balloon Juice put it up. (And Carr is usually a sharp reporter.)

    They. Don’t. Get. It. Too many in the media.

    Copied the Carr item into a PDF because I couldn’t believe he might not tweak it once he saw the reaction.

    David Carr: Rally to Shift the Blame

    subhead on NYTimes website: “At his Rally to Restore Sanity, Jon Stewart was unwilling to take a stand in the culture wars. So he opened fire on a bystander: the news media.”

    The media a bystander? Are you sh*tting me, Mr. Carr?

    Balloon Juice is discussing this in their thread “Sing A Song of Butthurt.”


  4. dog's eye view

    Here’s link to the Carr article.


    It’s on the NYT website this morning right underneath “Young Voters Say they Feel Abandoned [by Obama].”

    Yesterday the Times had a lovely article by Peter Baker, a White House correspondent who fled the Washington Post for the Times.

    “Elitism: The Charge That Obama Can’t Shake”


    This is our national paper of record. Not Politico.

  5. dog's eye view

    Ooh. Props to the New York Times (but you still get the deserved slaps too).

    One of their reporters does get it. You just have to hunt for the story.


    NYT blogger Brian Stelter: “The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear will be remembered, in part, as an expensive, engrossing act of media criticism.

    Jon Stewart, the comedian who hosted the Comedy Central rally alongside Stephen Colbert, spoke about the press as an “immune system” for the country — one that he evidently thinks is extremely sick. His words echoed up and down the National Mall on Saturday afternoon. National
    Journal wound up wondering if the event should have been called the Rally to Restore Journalism.

    Mr. Stewart has ventured into serious media criticism before on “The Daily Show” and in appearances on CNN and Fox News. But Saturday’s comments were notable because hundreds of journalists were in attendance, standing on a press riser near the stage and interviewing rallygoers in the crowd.

    The media’s flaws also came up time and time again in the crowd.”

  6. dnd

    That Balloon Juice thread was priceless. You are correct; they just don’t get it. I’m hoping Stewart and Colbert address this soon.

  7. Evening folks,

    Sorry I haven’t been around much, just too much going on right now. Yes very sad about Sorenson, as Dog said, one of the good guys!

  8. dog's eye view

    Wow am I glad to see you, Brian.
    Another of the good guys.

  9. Moe

    A girlfriend of mine in NYC a gajillion years ago dated Tom Sorenson (brother) for a very long time. They stayed at my house a number of times and the one thing Tom absolutely refused to talk about was Ted. (I think they had issues.)

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