Be Careful What You Wish For

The election’s over.  The people (and corporations) have spoken.  While we won’t have to watch those awful political ads now, we will be subjected to non-stop armchair quarterbacking by political analysts.  Regardless of all their theories the reason for the election outcome can be summarized by a 1992 James Carville phrase: “It’s the economy stupid.”  Trying to read more into it is just mental masturbation.

To the Republicans who claim this was a tsunami, no it wasn’t.  You still don’t have the Senate.  There were few landslides, except when one candidate was clearly a kook, and even that wasn’t a guarantee.  Remember, hubris is quickly followed by nemeses.  Now you’ll have to go to work.  Just saying “no” won’t cut it any more.  If you’re going to follow through on your promise to cut spending, you’ll be in a very dicey political bind.  To presumptive Speaker Boehner good luck dealing with the teabaggers — who refuse to deal.  Oh, and one more thing: a tsunami is generally thought to be a bad, destructive thing…

To the Democrats,  shit happens.  Life isn’t fair.  The Republicans didn’t “win” this election, they got it by default.  There is no mandate.  The Republicans are on probation.  Get up, dust yourselves off and get back on the horse.




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16 responses to “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. Morning peeps,
    Well 2012 begins today, I’m not sure you’re right about the commercials d, apparently Rove plans to keep running his spots through the lame duck congress.

  2. The real shocker for me is how poorly Crist did, I expected Florida to be a real horse race.

  3. TempeBev

    Well said – D! Great analysis and predictions. One out of 3 crazies isn’t as bad as 3!

  4. dog's eye view

    Well said in your blogpost, dnd.

    Relieved to hear Bennet squeaked through. He and Hinkenlooper are bright spots in yesterday’s results.

    With 93% counted, Boxer is up 52 to 42 and Carly Fiorina still has not conceded.

    A class act to the end.

  5. dog's eye view

    John Hickenlooper had a bittersweet week.

    Obit for his cousin, George, an Emmy-winning documentary maker and director of “Casino Jack” (re Abramoff).

    47 years old.

    “[George] was in Denver to spend time with his cousin John Hickenlooper, the mayor of Denver and a candidate for governor of Colorado, before attending a film festival where his “Casino Jack” was to be shown, said Liz Biber, a publicist for the film, who confirmed the death. John Hickenlooper said in a statement that his cousin apparently died of natural causes.”


  6. dog's eye view

    From the Orange County Register:

    “Fiorina, however, would not admit defeat.

    “Thirty-six percent of the vote has been counted and we are in a dead heat,” she said [last night]. “It’s going to be too close to call … We’re going to be counting returns all night. … All those people who have already declared this race, maybe that was not a smart thing to do.”

    Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard who was once named the “most powerful woman in business” by Fortune magazine, appeared to win handily in Orange County, but didn’t seem to fare as well statewide. A first-time candidate, Fiorina ran a mostly mistake-free campaign, but refused to move to the political center after a hard-fought Republican primary.

    Fiorina ran almost exclusively on jobs and the economy but was plagued by criticism that she laid off tens of thousands of workers at HP.

    “I think if we had a stronger candidate at the top of the ticket (instead of Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman), Carly would win,” said GOP activist Mike Schroeder. “I don’t think she’s going to.”


    I think Schroeder’s got it backward.

    Meg Whitman was a credible, qualified candidate who one might expect to do a competent job as state chief executive, even if you disliked her politics. (Mind you, I am thrilled that Jerry Brown won, because he’ll do an even better job.)

    Fiorina is none of the above. A pure opportunist.

    I am just glad that between the two of them, Whitman and Fiorina lost enough personal funds to support Costa Rica for a few months.

  7. dog's eye view

    So it’s a final result.

    Another bright spot. Colorado gets a good governor and to keep a good senator.


    • dnd

      We lost two good Representatives in the 3rd CD (John Salazar) and 4th CD (Betsy Markey), and a great state treasurer (Cary Kennedy).

      Hick won by a landslide, and the Republican Maes squeaked by with 11%, so it doesn’t appear that Republicans will be relegated to minor party status in Colorado. Note that if you add up Maes and Tancredo’s votes, they still fall behind Hickenlooper’s.

      The two House losses I’m really bummed about are Feingold and Grayson, two guys who did really good work.

  8. Dooty

    I got nothing cause we got Perry for another 4 years!

    • dnd

      Doots, if Texas elected W. over Ann Richards and Perry over the Kinkster, one shouldn’t be surprised.

      That said, the Rangers had a great season.

  9. Dooty

    yep, Rangers had an excellent season, thanks D. I am not a big Kinky fan. He is too much like a Repug to me. However, it was a sad day when Gov Ann got beat. Sadder day when she left this earth.

  10. Dooty

    ok how come the economy isn’t fixed yet? Repukes promised when they come to power they have the plan. I want my country back.

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