Veterans Day

There are two holidays in November when we can truly be thankful for our blessings:  Thanksgiving and Veterans Day.



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13 responses to “Veterans Day

    • dnd

      Jon Stewart on Rachel Maddow tonight. Should be interesting as Stewart keeps poking fun at the hyperbole-driven talking heads he highlighted at his Rally to Restore Sanity (including KO, who he keeps poking fun at).

  1. dog's eye view

    Thank you to Sr. Doots and our fathers and loved ones who served.

    Somehow having two endless wars in progress makes Veteran’s Day very real.

  2. Dooty

    think of the amount of money this country has wasted in these two wars that didn’t need to be fought. What do we spend a month there about 16 billion for both wars? 120 months times 16 billion is real money. is that a couple of trillion dollars? I could live off that.

    • dnd

      Doots, Don’t forget the cost of care for the injured vets in both of these wars. That is a cost that we, and more importantly they will be stuck with for a lifetime.
      A friend of mine who saw combat in Vietnam told me that every combat vet has PTSD, it’s just a matter of degree.

  3. Dooty


    I don’t doubt that I see a ton of PTSD guys and girls at the VA when I go. It’s never like an insane asylum there but sometimes it is pretty wild there.

    • dnd

      Poor Paul Krugman. Gets a Nobel Prize and no policy holder will invite him to the party. Obviously this bothers him immensely as he uses his column to bitch about it endlessly. I imagine his other captive audience, his students, know his feelings about this as well.

  4. His point about the taxes is not lacking in merit d!

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