Jon Stewart on Rachel Maddow

In case you missed it, here it is.  Stewart is not only funny, he’s smart and thoughtful too.

For the full interview, go to:



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25 responses to “Jon Stewart on Rachel Maddow

  1. dnd

    Neil Young turns 65 today.

  2. Dooty

    jeez I now feel old D

  3. Dooty

    Didn’t we hear just a few years ago that deficits don’t matter? Thought so. What the fu_k happened for them to change their tunes?

  4. dog's eye view

    Good evening.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Young. Long may you run.

    Will watch the Maddow/Stewart clip. Really loved the Terry Gross interview with Jon Stewart at the 92nd Street Y a few weeks ago.

    Our comedians are savants and too many of our politicians are clowns.

  5. TempeBev

    Saw the interview last night at the hotel on the way to SLC. Very good and very interesting. Both Rachel and Jon are obviously very intelligent as opposed to several other pundits.

    However, both being brilliant, they have different styles of expression. Of the two, I prefer Jon. I loved his reference to he is weather as opposed to Rachel being climate.

    The best part was when Jon said he hadn’t barfed in the last hour – he had intestinal flu and really didn’t feel well.

    It’s too bad that there isn’t more honest give and take like this hour interview. Really enjoyed it.

    BTW, it’s COLD in SLC as opposed to cool in Tempe. Nice for a change but wouldn’t want to live here.

    • dnd

      Obama’s had curry in India, kimchee in South Korea, and sushi in Japan. I wonder when he gets home if Michelle will let him go to that burger joint he likes in DC.

  6. dog's eye view

    RNC lawyers begin leaving Alaska as Joe Miller’s chances of overtaking Murkowski write-ins evaporate.

  7. Oh he’ll drag out as long as he can, he’s a teabagger after all!

  8. Dooty

    thanks Dnd I try and stay young but it is a struggle. 🙂 I know this a Bob Dylan but I always have trouble thinking he wrote it.

  9. Why trouble thinking it’s a Dylan song?

  10. Dooty

    @Brian: no real reason just a problem with me.

  11. Dooty

    @Brian: thought about the “Forever Young” song more and I have decided that it was because I first heard it from someone else and not Dylan.

  12. dog's eye view

    Good morning all.

    Saw “Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” last night and it really was not that good. The first in the series is the best. It’s haunting, and the grey blue Swedish winter stays with you.

    Noomi Rapace, who plays Lisbeth, rocks, though. As in all 3.

    Wondering what director and producers will do with the American version.

    Does anyone remember when a US remake was better than the foreign original? I don’t, but thinking on it.

  13. Afternoon peeps, what’s the good word?

    • dnd

      Did anyone here watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska? Let’s see a show of hands. Be honest now 😉

      I didn’t watch, but the lame-stream media has been showing lotsa clips. Watching her cast her fishing line and watching her shoot I can assure you she is a complete phony. She is no outdoors woman. And any “momma grizzly” knows that you don’t get that close to a bear in the wild. That scene had to be staged.

      And that rock climbing scene was equally as phony. That was a class 2, class 3 climb max that wouldn’t require any rope. And where was Sarah’s helmet? Another staged scene.

  14. “Sadly” I missed it, one of the advantages of having very basic cable at the moment!

  15. Dooty

    didn’t see it.

  16. TempeBev

    I’m still traveling. Damn – forgot to set the Tivo before we left.

  17. dog's eye view

    Wouldn’t watch it if you paid me.

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