Hanukkah Sucks!

altLets face it folks compared to Christmas, Hanukkah is a pretty lame holiday.  You Christians get to celebrate the birth of your lord and savior, we Jews get to celebrate  a lamp burning for 8 days, big whoop!   Even here in NYC,  home to the largest Jewish population in the world the Hanukkah decorations are almost non-existant as you stroll up Fifth Avenue.  As sunset approaches tonight Jewish children the world over will be heard to mutter these eternal words “How come we don’t have a Christmas tree?”  Now I don’t want you despair completely we Jews do have one thing that makes Hanukkah worth while, potato pancakes (aka latke).  So watch the following video, fry up a batch and have a HAPPY HANUKKAH!



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23 responses to “Hanukkah Sucks!

  1. And btw don’t get me started on Hanukkah music! You’d think a people who produced the likes of Mendelssohn, Berlin, the Gershwins, Copland, & Bernstein could come up with something better than ” dreidel, dreidel, dreidel I made it out of clay and when it’s dry and ready oh dreidel I shall play”


  2. Well Happy Hanukkah to you Brian.

    Though German-Irish my grandmother use to make potato pancakes and I don’t know if there the same as the Jewish ones, but they were damn good.

    And if you really feel bad just go buy a Jesus Tree for crying out loud.


    Later gang.

  3. TempeBev

    This is hilarious – the best Hanukkah song I’ve heard.

  4. Well here you have it folks.


    WASHINGTON (AP) – Senate Republicans threatened Wednesday to block virtually all legislation until expiring tax cuts are extended and a bill is passed to fund the federal government, vastly complicating Democratic attempts to leave their own stamp on the final days of the post-election Congress.

    The can’t doers have again shown that they do not give a damn about America or the American People.

    And still the idiots vote them into office. I hope they enjoy their holiday season with no money to pay the rent, put food on the table to feed their children or even buy them Christmas Presents.

    When will they wake up and understand that the Republicans don’t give a damn about them and that they only care about millionaires.

    Oh well maybe Obama will wake up to the fact that you not only can’t negotiate with Terrorist or Republicans because they will kill him, but any chance that they will suddenly realize the errors of their ways and change in nil, none, nada, etc…etc…etc…

  5. Dooty

    Isn’t it the fact that most of the Congress are millionaires? Maybe not all, but the R’s are just protecting their own interests, imo.

    hey the format of this blog looks different now. what happened?

  6. dog's eye view

    Brian: very funny post. Thanks.

  7. dog's eye view

    Off topic, but found this on the True/Slant site and believe you might have discussed this before?

    Take the Tea Party Pledge.

  8. TempeBev

    If you haven’t seen this video, it’s great to get you in the holiday mood.

  9. dnd

    That video is great!

  10. dnd

    My conspiracy theory about the Republicans refusing to extend unemployment insurance is: they want Obama to fail.

    It isn’t because they want cuts elsewhere to pay for it, say like letting the Bush tax cuts for millionaires expire. It isn’t because they think people just getting buy on unemployment are “welfare queens” who would rather not work.

    It may be because they want people who were previously making $70k to work at minimum wage jobs. This results in smaller tax revenues and more need for government services, thus expanding the debt. It may be that they know people on unemployment insurance spend their entire check on necessities, which improves the economy and results in larger tax revenues, reducing the debt.

    The only possible reason is that they want America to fail is so they can blame it on our President. Shameful.

  11. repugs hate the poor, they hate Obama, two birds, one stone.

  12. Well now that I see your opinion of love d I’m not surprised you live alone!


  13. dog's eye view

    Yeah, they want Obama to fail.

    A lot of people did not like Reagan, but they did not want him and the country to fail, abjectly. And Reagan faced nothing like 8 years of malfeasance and an economy that’s hollowed out and tanked.

  14. dog's eye view

    Did you all see Tom Friedman’s column “From WikiChina”? Pretty strong stuff. Imagined leaked cable from Chinese diplomats:

    “Things are going well here for China. America remains a deeply politically polarized country, which is certainly helpful for our goal of overtaking the U.S. as the world’s most powerful economy and nation. But we’re particularly optimistic because the Americans are polarized over all the wrong things.

    There is a willful self-destructiveness in the air here as if America has all the time and money in the world for petty politics.”


    • dnd

      Interesting piece by Friedman. While China may be pushing capitalism, they are not a democracy, so it’s difficult to compete with an autocratic government.

  15. dog's eye view

    WikiChina reader comment “highlights” selected by Friedman/editors, but they are representative of the 401 posted.


  16. dog's eye view

    Robert Reich has a good piece up today. He addresses a point that troubles me immensely about the Obama administration, and I say that as an Obot.

    The Big Economic Story, and Why Obama Isn’t Telling It

    Reich’s “why” is not convincing to me. Although he calls it on everything else.

    “In fact, the unwillingness of the President and Washinton Democrats to tell [their own story, B] itself promotes [the Republicans’ story, A] because in the absence of an alternative narrative the Republican story is the only one the public hears.

    Obama’s advisors explain the President’s moves are designed to “preempt” the resurgent Republicans – just like Bill Clinton preempted the Gingrich crowd by announcing “the era of big government is over” and then tacking right.

    They’re wrong. By telling story A [Republicans’ mantra] and burying story B [Democrats’], the President legitimizes everything the right has been saying. He doesn’t preempt them; he fuels them. He gives them more grounds for voting against raising the debt ceiling in a few weeks. He strengthens their argument against additional spending for extended unemployment benefits. He legitimizes their argument against additional stimulus spending.”

    • dnd

      It puzzles me that those on the left who claim Obama is getting his message buried by the right are using the same tactics to get his message buried. As Randi Rhodes said: “you’ve got to back your quarterback.” Reich, and so many others on the left ain’t doing that, and by their whining are emboldening those on the right who want to take the President down.

      I don’t know if that’s their plan or they’re disappointed that they didn’t get the magic unicorn that farts glitter that they thought they were promised or worse yet they’re pandering to an audience that will enrich them.

      But it’s time for them to put their big-girl panties on, or as JFK said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

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