My Favorite (political) Time of the Year

Do you hear that?  Me neither.  Ain’t it great?  With all the pols back home on vacation during the holiday break or safely ensconced on some junket, nary a peep from Washington.  About the only carping we hear is about NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg not getting the snow off the streets or NJ Governor Chris Christie taking a break from cutting services so he can vacation with his family at Disney World.  Meanwhile his state digs out from the devistating snowstorm without him.

Next week Washington will be buzzing with the freshman class of the next Congress.  Speaker Boehner will be crying.  Mitch McConnell will be outraged.  Teabaggers will be, um, complaining about taxes.  The “professional” left and right will be complaining about things either which are not important or figments of their imaginations.  The chattering class will busily be trying to raise the level of discourse to The Jerry Springer Show.  And soon enough, the 2012 campaign will begin.

So it is time to  savor these few days, for soon they will be over.



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10 responses to “My Favorite (political) Time of the Year

  1. Dooty

    morning Brian and all the other back sliders.

  2. Is that a sex crack? (puns upon puns)

  3. Dooty

    oh you probably don’t know about backsliders being Jewish and all. Christians that don’t go to church regularly or at all anymore are sometimes referred to as “Backsliders”. Backrow Presbyterians is another like Backsliders. Only you would try to make a sexual pun out of it. 🙂

  4. Moe

    This political year is going to be a lot of fun. A lot of fun.

  5. Dooty

    to go along with Moe’s comments here is the first of the silly shit. The Birther King is running for President.

  6. Dooty

    happy New Years all you reprobates.

  7. Hey, I work at a major US medical center, I’m not reprobate!

    And a happy to u2

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