The Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

My opinion
The shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and others occurred this morning, in Tucson, Arizona. Hopefully she will recover with few side effects. The news channels both cable and local have non-stop coverage of this event. The President has just spoken. The Governor has issued her written statement. This is another blackeye on the state of Arizona, however this could have happened in any other state.
National and local politicians have been offering condolences. News commentators have been speculating on if and how this will change how politicians communicate with their constituents.
Politics are out of control. There is too much hatred between the parties. Politicians from all sides have received death threats, offices broken into, hate mail etc.
There will be much finger pointing toward which party bears the most responsibility for the hatred and fear that has evolved during the past several years and recent elections. If anything good comes from this incident, opposing parties will realize that their actions have helped created a hate and fear filled nation. This needs to change.



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48 responses to “The Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

  1. Bev,

    While I appreciate your sentiment I don’t think you can equally assign blame to both sides for the political climate we now find ourselves in. While there are certainly crazy people on both sides of the political divide the rhetoric of the right frequently relies on violent imagery, the same can’t be said for the left.

  2. TempeBev

    Brian, after re-reading what I wrote, I don’t think I singled out either party for blame. I tried very hard to be neutral in my writing. I feel they are both to blame and that in turn effects the “crazies.” I appreciate your comments, though.

    • dnd

      I think you are spot on. While no one yet knows what the motives of the shooter may have been, the response from both sides indicates that they feel political vitriol is complicit in this.

  3. dog's eye view


    Thinking about history.

    Who does your average sane person remember as a better person: Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Father Coughlin?

    The hate and extremism is likely 85 percent on one side of the political aisle, and I don’t see how we move forward without addressing that fact honestly.

    You will notice that our finest journalists are not coming up with equivalent examples of political violence and extremism, in reviewing 20th century American political behavior. And Lord knows, they are trying. ( They’re even reviewing Kos diaries.)

    And one Timothy McVeigh outweighs all extremism by the leftist 1960s anarchistic movements. If there were liberal-leaning paramilitary organizations, wouldn’t our corporate media be all over that?

    We cannot even remember the sixties’ radicals’ names, save that of “Bill Ayers.”

    There has always been a paranoid and ugly strain of American politics.

    You would think we would have learned from the McCarthy era, and a Civil War that killed the equivalent of 6 million Americans today.

    Bev: lovely and gracious post, and you are not wrong about the need for both parties to change.

    But some honesty would be the best disinfectant, and it appears conservative Republicans and their power centers are determined to evade it.

    We cannot let them.

  4. Can’t quite find the words to express my sadness for those that were slaughtered and injured yesterday. I read that the nine year old girl was born on 9-11, and that she considered her beginning life on that dismal day as a symbol of hope for the future. She didn’t deserve this, none of the victims did.

    Sending thoughts of hope, strength and recovery to all those injured and to the families of those murdered.


  5. I think its a time to grieve and be respectfully silent and let a week pass before making judgments about who or what is to blame.

  6. Dooty

    I am still too pissed to be calm about this or fuckin’ grieve. Sorry but that is the way I am wired.

  7. TempeBev

    Dooty – this tragedy has affected us all. Each of us deal with it in our own way. Your way is perfectly understandable and OK. I’m quite sure you are not alone in your reaction. Take care.

  8. Dooty

    on a brighter note: The Hammer Tom DeLay gets 3 years in the big house making big rocks into little rocks. That certainly brightens up my day and week.

  9. Dooty

    Thanks for the note Bev I am ok.

  10. ” And that he drops his soap in the shower…”

    Know of what you speak d?

  11. TempeBev

    And so it begins. After one day of offering sympathy for the victims and concern for changes in safety, the pointing of fingers of responsibility has begun. The media certainly plays a big role in this “debate.” I have read that some talking heads actually admitted they added to the hate talk. Some have strongly denied their role in any responsibility. The best one so far is that the crosshairs on Sarah Pailin’s map of “taken ’em out” was that is was not a representation of a rifle scope but that of a surveyor’s scope. Things will definitely heat up the day after the President comes comes to Arizona for the memorial service for the victims of the massacre. This can only get worse.

    • dnd

      John Hickenlooper gubernatorial inauguration going on now on the steps of the Capitol. Despite the fact that it’s about 4 degrees, there’s a big crowd.

  12. Dooty

    been thinking this about this thing. Is there any way to use law suits against the haters in the media business without tromping on the 1st amendment? Just thinking out loud. any thoughts?

  13. Dooty

    so if the law suits can’t be done, would it not be better to go after the radio stations that employ these individuals? Allegedly these are public airways and they belong to the “people.” What if a campaign is launched to strip the haters of their broadcast licenses or at least make it more difficult to renew the licenses? Just thinking….

  14. dog's eye view

    Going after advertisers is probably the way to do it, with courteous but firm letters.

    Money talks.

    • dnd

      I’ve read the first Amendment (and heard Congresswoman Giffords read it in the well of the House), but I think it’s hard to quantify hate speech, since for the most part it’s subjective.

      I think Sra Dog has the best solution. Money talks.

  15. Dooty

    at the end of this month Brad Davis has invited me to tag along and be the driver for this trio for 3 gigs. I plan on having a large time.

  16. evening peeps, King’s Speech is a great movie

  17. dog's eye view

    Doots: awesome. May Coffee Fool be on board too. Where be the gigs?

    Brian: glad you saw it. Colin Firth is amazing.

  18. Dooty


    The gigs are in Austin and San Antonio and Houston. They are offering a 3 hour guitar playing workshop and then a house concert. Should be fun.

  19. dog's eye view

    Need to do one in LA. Get it scheduled!

  20. TempeBev

    Have a ball, Dooty. Sounds like lots of fun. Give us a report when you’re done.

  21. Dooty


    that has not been talked about. There is that possibility, I guess. I am trying to buy a Canon G 12 digigizmo in a few days.

    • dnd

      You’re going digital! Let us know how it goes.

      ps. Tell Brad we want photos and tapes from soundboard on the tour.

      pps. Did I just say “tapes?” Man I’m old. I meant to say some youtube clips.

      • dnd

        NORAD began tracking Santa on Christmas Eve 55 years ago. This year they got 80,000 phone calls, 7000 emails and 15.5 million page views on their web site.

        This all started when a newspaper ad mistakenly printed the phone number for a Santa hotline, which turned out to be the NORAD number. Maybe Santa had something to do with that mistake…

  22. evening peeps, what’s the good word?

  23. Am I correct, the Speaker was not at the memorial service tonight?

    • dnd

      You are correct. the Speaker wasn’t there. He went to an RNC fundraiser (free booze!).
      Word is that Pelosi, Gillibrand and Wasserman-Schultz were in the hospital room when Giffords opened here eyes.

  24. TempeBev

    Didn’t see him. The AZ delegation was there and I saw Clyborn (?). They mentioned Pelosi, but didn’t see her either.

    I thought it was a very good speech. I don’t think the pundits understood all the cheering. John King put it best – ‘Tucson needed to cheer.”

    • dnd

      Mark Udall urged his colleagues in both houses of Congress to end a longstanding custom in which the two political parties sit divided on opposite sides of the room during the President’s State of the Union address. Only tradition dictates that the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives gather in the House chamber for the President’s annual speech – Democrats on one side, and Republicans on the other.

      In a letter to his fellow lawmakers, Udall said the partisan seating arrangement has become a negative symbol of the divisions in Congress – and among the American people – with one side of the chamber cheering and applauding loudly throughout the President’s speech, while the other often sits silent. He urged them to bridge the partisan divide by sitting together as a symbolic gesture signifying unity and better reflecting the communities they represent.

      Or as our new governor said at his inaugural: “As every river runner knows, when the water gets rough, everybody paddles.”

  25. dog's eye view

    Maybe the tee shirt complaint idiocy will be a last gasp?

    People are looking with fresh eyes at “both sides do it.”

    Good idea by Mark Udall. Plz keep us posted on how his colleagues respond to it.

    Out for a few hours. Catch you later.

  26. Dooty

    Welp, I made the jump to the 21 century today. I bought that camera I was talking about. Canon G 12.

    here is a page about the camera.

  27. dog's eye view

    Yesh, canine ears also pricked on the features that appealed to Sr. Doots, photog extraordinaire.

  28. Dooty

    I liked the look of the camera. It has a lot of nice features that allow the operator to control. It shoots images in RAW file format (much more info in the file than in Jpeg thus easier to work with in Photoshop). Friends recommended this camera as a good to excellent entry into the dark side of digital photography. Nice fast image processor also. I found it at a price I could live with.

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