George Shearing 1919 – 2011

This jazz great was not only a gifted pianist, he was pretty funny too.  As a great admirer of Glenn Miller, he was famous for the joke “pardon me Roy is that the cat who chewed your new shoes?”



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26 responses to “George Shearing 1919 – 2011

  1. And George’s most famous composition

    • dnd

      Boehner has only been on the job for two months. When the same had been said about Obama after two months, Maddow flew into a rage (rightfully so). I call bullshit on Maddow in a lame attempt to throw red meat to her audience.

      Maddow should’ve used Boehner’s “so be it” in reference to people losing their jobs to question where he got that from:
      1. The movie The Ten Commandments.
      2. Star Wars: “So be it…Jedi.”
      3. Moby Dick: “So be it, then. Born in throes, ‘t is fit that man should live in pains and die in pangs. So be it, then! Here’s stout stuff for woe to work on.”

  2. TempeBev

    What a surprise!

  3. d just because it’s red meat doesn’t mean she is wrong. So far Boehner’s tenure has not proved to be all that brilliant. 2 months into the game and he already is having trouble keeping his collition together, tsk – tsk.

    • dnd

      Brian, I’m no Boehner fan, far from it. Bitching after only two months into the job is bullshit. You have to give anyone into that position at least a year. Had he managed to keep his coalition together, Maddow would be complaining that the repubs are all marching in lockstep. She’s obviously trying to take up Olbermann’s mantel, which is a shame. She’s better than that.

      Maddow may prove to be right, but it’s way too early to make an assessment.

  4. I don’t seem to recall Nancy needing a full year to be up and running full speed.

    • dnd

      Way, way different situation for Pelosi. And she was eviscerated from the get-go.

      Besides, Pelosi is of Italian heritage. Capisce?

  5. And Boehner is an asshole. Understand?

  6. dog's eye view

    Gail Collins has a love letter to Texas today.

    Well. Not really.

  7. yeah I saw that one earlier today doots, weird aint it?

  8. Dooty

    very weird but then DeMint is right up there in the “Creepy Dept” with Rick Santorum.

  9. And for today’s stupid, hate provoking comment:

  10. Dooty

    Anyone else think this has a chance to end badly?

  11. More than a chance doots, I’m giving it a 50/50

  12. Dooty

    I think someone is gonna get shot if any of those Teabaggers show up armed like they did during the election period.

  13. “The cuts, which were passed without a single Democratic vote, are aimed primarily at domestic social spending but also have policy goals — going after the Environmental Protection Agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.”

    Now didn’t the repugs claim that health care reform invalid because it didn’t receive any repug support?

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