White House Honey Ale

The First Family served home-brewed ale for their Super Bowl party.  The President bought the brewing equipment.  They used honey from the White House bee hive next to the First Lady’s garden.

Why not Budweiser?  Coors? Millers?  All the major American beer manufactures are foreign owned.

Now I doubt that the President took time out from his schedule to spurge the mash.  I doubt the First Lady stirred the wort.  I doubt the First Daughters were pressed into service to wash the beer bottles.  None the less, you have to have to admire a President who’s into home brew.



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21 responses to “White House Honey Ale

  1. ” None the less, you have to have to admire a President who’s into home brew.”

    We do?

  2. TempeBev

    Does anyone else think that Boehner is really a Bone-head and is definitely not sticking to his promise of creating jobs? Defending DOMA in court only creates jobs for the lawyers and the public gets to pay for them.

  3. Bev has he announced he’s going to appoint someone to do that? I haven’t seen that.

  4. dog's eye view

    What a cool topic for a thread!

    Where did you learn of this item?

  5. Dooty

    Bev, I was gonna say that it may just be me, but these wackjobs (House Repukes) sure seem to be throwing a lot of poop out to see if it sticks lately.

  6. dog's eye view

    Noron! Wish I had not asked.

    Still, small breweries and home brews rule.

  7. Agreed D. My nose was a little out of joint over that too.

  8. Dooty

    I hope Fox is not just fooling with us about this news they might drop Beck. I am not sure my heart could take it.

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