Tractor Rally At Wisconsin Capitol Saturday

Wisconsin farmers will be holding a rally at their state capitol Saturday to protest budget cuts.  As most are family farmers (i.e., small businessmen), they rely on Badgercare for their health care coverage. Their kids rely on public schools for their education.  Both would be slashed by Gov. Walker’s “budget-repair bill.”

Many of these farmers are diary farmers.  Dairy cows are noted for producing two things.  One is milk.  It might be appropriate if these farmers brought loads of the other thing and dumped it at the steps of the capitol building.



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9 responses to “Tractor Rally At Wisconsin Capitol Saturday

  1. dnd

    “U.S. Air Force planes have already delivered coolant to the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced.

    No radiation leakage has been detected, but pressure inside a reactor at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant rose after the cooling system was knocked out by the quake Friday afternoon Japan time, according to the plant’s parent company, Tokyo Electric Power.”,0,1963180.story

  2. dnd

    Good source of info for the earthquake in Japan:

  3. The capitol building in Madison is becoming a very popular place!

  4. dog hussein dog

    Not like anything has happened to take our attention off Wisconsin.

    I am hopeful that seeing hardball treatment of middle class public employees and what is happening in Japan (earthquake/tsunami/nuclear technology potential weaknesses — not like that wouldn’t happen way worse here) will stun more Americans into paying attention.

    Time for the focus to swing back from “we can’d do anything” and “government sucks”.

  5. Bachmann Muddles American History, Puts Battles Of Lexington And Concord In New Hampshire

    te Update: Bachmann responded in two posts on her Facebook page:

    So I misplaced the battles Concord and Lexington by saying they were in New Hampshire. It was my mistake, Massachusetts is where they happened. New Hampshire is where they are still proud of it!
    And by the way… That will be the last time I borrow President Obama’s tele-promoter!

    It’s always fun watching an idiot manage to get the second foot wedged into their mouth.

  6. dog hussein dog

    On the “can’t catch a break” front — coverage of the rally subsumed by tsunami/earthquake/nuclear radiation threat/damaged reactors.

    Good morning all.

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