Mirages in the Desert

French President Sarkozy has ordered Mirage fighter jets to enforce the “no-fly” zone over the Libyan city of Benghazi.  The coalition is sending a strong signal to Gadhafi.  I hope he takes the hint.



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19 responses to “Mirages in the Desert

  1. Elizabeth Taylor, Lifelong Star, Dies at 79

    The actress Elizabeth Taylor died Wednesday in Los Angeles at
    age 79, the Associated Press reported. Ms. Taylor started in
    movies at age 9, and it was a quick leap from “National
    Velvet” to “A Place in the Sun” and from there to “Cleopatra”
    as she transformed into a film queen. In a career of more
    than 70 years and more than 50 films, she won two Academy
    Awards as best actress.

    • dnd

      R.I.P. Dame Elizabeth. She was the first celeb to support AIDS foundations back when most celebs thought acknowledging AIDS would give you cooties.

  2. According to the Times obit she raised over 100 million dollars for AIDS research!

  3. dog hussein dog

    They don’t make movie stars like that any more. RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

    How are you all doing tonight?

  4. dog hussein dog

    I still call it Washington National.

    That was its name before congressional Republicans forced the name change on local citizens.

    Washington National: descriptive of its location and named for the first president.

    But that was before we had a GOP saint as a former president.

    “Reagan National” still rankles. There was NO local support for changing the name. That was literally forced upon us.

    (Ah. The controller was asleep. Some guessing he or she had gotten locked out. However, government functions are often essential, and they are now going with 2 controllers on the graveyard shift.)

  5. Dooty

    Wilie ain’t gonna go to jail in Sierra Blanca, TX for pot possession even at 6.5 ounces. The DA is 78 years old and he has said, “Willie is my favorite artist and we all know that Willie smokes a little pot.” He is gonna have to pay court costs and a $100 fine and also play “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” in the court room that day.

    • dnd

      What do you want to bet that Willie is high when he sings “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” in the court room. 😉

  6. Dooty

    This just proves the power of Country Music, idols in particular, in Texas. This case and before this, Billie Joe Shaver shot a man outside a bar in the Waco area and walked. Didn’t kill him though. It is so illegal to carry a gun in a bar down here. Shaver walked after Willie and Robert Duval were in attendance in the court room for several days.

  7. Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Elizabeth Taylor’s Funeral


    I guess that was to be expected.

  8. Elizabeth Taylor’s Funeral Held In Los Angeles, 15 Minutes Late


    I guess the Westboro crowd didn’t realize Jews are buried quickly!

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