JoAnne Kloppenburg Wins in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg  beat Justice David Prosser in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race.  Record voter turnout created this upset despite Prosser’s lead and campaign funding from outside interest groups.

Prosser’s defeat is viewed as a referendum on Gov. Scott Walker and his heavy handed approach to public employees unions and favors to private industry.  A recall may not be far behind.  Governors in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and elsewhere should take note.



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30 responses to “JoAnne Kloppenburg Wins in Wisconsin

  1. dnd

    Glenn Beck is leaving Fox? Why didn’t anybody tell me? 😉

  2. Wisconsin and Beck, it’s a good day!

  3. dog hussein dog

    I’m not sure yet re Kloppenburg. Razor thin, and a recount could change things. Cautiously optimistic.

    Someone on Balloon Juice pointed out Kloppenburg’s voters were half again the number of signatures needed for a recall of Governor Scott Walker.

    Would like to see that happen.

    Wonder if Russ Feingold might run to replace him? A girl can dream …

  4. TempeBev

    Depending on what happens with the budget compromise today or tomorrow, my feeling is that people are becoming just a little disillusioned with the “Tea Bags” that were so gung-ho a couple of years ago. Perhaps their ultimate agenda has some good points, but I don’t think the public is ready to make ginormous changes as fast as the TB would like. Wisconsin is a prime example of too much, too fast.

  5. jeff hoover

    Prosser wins! Guess the Tea Party doesn’t have that much to worry about, after all.

  6. the count is long from over, neither side should be counting their chickens just yet.

  7. Happy Friday Everyone.

    My friend’s husband is on his way back from Afghanistan. When home he works EMS, but Ohio (Kasich) is cutting services so he faces being laid-off. If the government shuts down today he will lose his military pay as well. They own a home and his wife is in nursing school and she may lose her school loans.

    This couple is just trying to live a decent life, serve the country and community. I guess all those idiots that voted for the Republicans and the Tea Party are getting what they want. Dumb asses. Stupidity rules.


  8. dog hussein dog

    Burrito: News from the front, hmm? In Ohio.

    I hope some eyes and hearts open once they see what following the Tea Party method produces.

  9. TempeBev

    Washington really cares about people who voted them into office. Waiting until the last possible minute to pass a budget so the government would continue, thousands of people were left hanging as to whether they would be paid. Especially cruel was the effect on military families and elderly who depend on Social Security. To pacify voters some sens and reps said they would forgo their paychecks – big deal. That’s really impressive.

    Yes, the Dems were stupid not to take care of this while they were in power. The Repubs are split and only in the end came together at the last minute. Now we can look forward to another round for 2012. The battle has just begun and as UB said last week, “politics disgust me.”

    • dnd

      ‘The battle has just begun and as UB said last week, “politics disgust me.”’

      Which is precisely why we need another upbeat thread post from Bev! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

      Can I get an Amen?

  10. Amen

    But kudos to the prez for protecting both Planned Parenthood and the EPA! When push comes to shove the bigger loser in this budget battle is the far right and the big winner is the Prez, Boehner also will come off pretty well in this whole thing.

    • dnd

      It’s a good thing when the prez and the speaker, third in line, come across as thoughtful adults in contrast to the turd throwing howling monkeys in congress.

  11. TempeBev

    I get the message – I’ll have to think of something upbeat! Thanks for the hint.

  12. Dooty

    it has been so dry out in the ranch country and the wind has been so high for so long there is a lot of pasture being burned up this last weekend. There was an area of about 125 square miles of range fire that really resisted being put out. Down in the Trans-Pecos region near where my friends live the fire got started and has consumed a few buildings in the little town of Fort Davis. So far, no one has died but…. I have heard that the juvenile facility called High Frontier was lost to the fire after everyone was evacuated. That area of the country needs rain and it is the same over in New Mexico.

    • dnd

      Doots, same thing out here. March and April are our biggest snow months but so far hardly anything. The only snow is in the mountains. High heat and high winds have created a number of wild fires on the front range. This does not bode well for the winter wheat crop in eastern Colorado.

  13. Dooty

    dnd I found this on youtube this am and thought you might enjoy this.

    Brad has a new CD coming out soon and this is the title cut.

    Iron Giant Brad Davis

  14. TempeBev


    Breaking News Alert: Appeals court upholds Justice Department challenge of Ariz. immigration law
    April 11, 2011 1:15:11 PM

    A federal appeals court on Monday upheld a lower court decision that blocked the most contested provisions of Arizona’s immigration law from taking effect.

    A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that a federal judge did not abuse her discretion in blocking provisions of the law that would, among other things, require police to check immigration status if they stop someone while enforcing other laws.

    The decision is a victory for the Obama administration, which had filed a controversial lawsuit challenging the Arizona law in court.

    For more information, visit

  15. Dooty

    Dnd I don’t know the answer to your question about the Gretsch Brad is playing. only time I have seen it out of the case is when he plays with Billy Bob Thornton and now in this video. He also has a tele with a whammy bar on it.

  16. Morning peeps,

    Colonoscopy in the morning, the fun just never ends when you’re over 50.

  17. Dooty

    been there done that. thinking about it is worse than it actually is.

  18. Hey this is my 4th, this not a road less traveled for me!

  19. dog hussein dog

    A shout up the road to Bev. We’re in Tempe on our way to Santa Fe. Wish so much we had a little time to meet up, but next visit. Got to love your balmy spring nights. Splendid.

    Check in with you from Bill Richardson land. Carry on!

  20. TempeBev

    Dog – we just got back from SF a week ago. There’s a great place for lunch on the plaza if you don’t want Mexican food. It’s the Baskin-Robbins ice cream store/bakery/grill. Super sandwich. Have a good time.

    Sorry we couldn’t meet – next time, right?

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