Politics Disgusts Me ~ Bev

Given several recent “Politics Disgusts Me” attitude, this thread is a challenge.  So I started thinking about life in general.

According to the calendar, spring has sprung.  On Saturday, had a storm that made it colder in Arizona than places back east.  However, the sun came out as predicted, and we are on our way to consistent 100+ degrees for the next several months.  We’re all set for the “it’s hot in AZ when . . . “ jokes.  We’ve learned to hide in our AC homes, run to our AC cars, find a parking place behind a skinny palm tree, and then dash into the nearest AC mall.   Life does get challenging in the summer. Ok, that’s enough about the weather.

How many of you plant gardens?  If you do what kind of things do you plant – flowers or food or both?   I haven’t done this for quite a while.  My roaming dog loved lying in the petunia patches.  I would like to plant tomatoes, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

How’s your health these days? Gone to the dentist?  Have you kept up with all the recommended food charts etc? Checked your BMI lately? I did and think it needs to be adjusted for height and age.  If you had chicken pox, have you gotten a Shingles vaccine?  I’ve heard horror stores about shingles, so I got the shot.  Had your eyes checked?  Had your blood pressure and all the other internal tests that require preparation?  Enough about health besides the information on what is good for you changes almost daily.  Just check the web.

Are you keeping active and involved with your community?  If you’re still working, it’s a little harder.  If you’re retired, are you volunteering?  April is National Volunteer Month.

“Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. It’s about demonstrating to the nation that by working together, in unison, people have the fortitude to meet challenges and accomplish goals. “  Find something that interests you and get involved.  It’s good for you and good for the people you help!

My favorite uplifting song is not rock or rap or anything current.  It is a variation of an oldie sung by Israel “IZ” Kamakawio’ole, a famous natural born Hawaiian. He is singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  It just makes me feel good.  Hope you enjoy it.

Ok, that’s my upbeat thread.  I know it’s hard at times to remain upbeat given the local, national and world conditions.  Remember there is more to life than the cursing about politics.  Listen to the song again.



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35 responses to “Politics Disgusts Me ~ Bev

  1. Dooty

    this is pretty funny

  2. TempeBev

    This is hysterical – a great upbeat diversion.

    • dnd

      I’ve got garlic and onions coming up in the garden. Tomatoes, chili peppers, basil, zukes and cukes in on Mothers’ Day.
      Weeding the garden is the perfect antidote for politics.

  3. You are so right Bev. There is more to life than politics.
    The weather here sucks. Only two nice days since the first of the year. I am keeping track this year. Our heat is on as I type this.
    I garden, I paint, I worked out at 5:00AM this morning and have yoga tonight. I go to the park with my dogs, and I do go to work almost everyday. I do things for my children, transport them across state lines, ship them stuff, and listen to their issues. I need glasses, and I have dental work scheduled for May. That’s not to mention that I want to start meditating to quiet my mind. My Hub and do things when we are able. We both are super busy. We are in process of deciding where we want to live….we have not figured that out, but we have grown tired of suburbia.
    And after all that, playing, smelling the roses, and caring for each other and more not mentioned – politics still disgust me. 🙂
    But I do love that song!

    • dnd

      Sra Burritio,
      If I had your governor, I’d be disgusted too. Our Governor Hickenlooper made his name in a brewpub before he became mayor of Denver. We in Colorado believe making/appreciating a good beer is a qualification to be a good politician.

      Which is why Peter Coors never won any of his political campaigns…

  4. TempeBev

    UB – Move to Tempe AZ!!

  5. dog hussein dog

    Come west young Burrito.

    It’s seriously beautiful and different here. You’ve punched your Ohio card. There’s a whole country out there. Shake it up and do something way cool while you are still youngish. The huskies will adapt to wherever you are.

    How portable are your jobs?

    For the Burrito Jr. set: Southwest, Virgin America, JetBlue.

    Cars, if they have the time and the driving skills. It’s amazing to get out and see this country.

    • dnd

      New Trump/Palin 2012 bumper sticker:

      “You’re Fired!/I Quit!”

    • dnd

      “Broun was speaking Tuesday on the House floor about how the “original intent” of the Constitution was to promote the “general welfare of the nation, not welfare of individuals.” The concept of promoting the “welfare of individuals” started with Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, he said: “Both progressives. Both had socialist beliefs.””

      Interesting, as today’s Republican is all about the welfare of the individual, particularly the wealthy individual, and not about the nation in general. Does this mean to imply that Broun feels that today’s Republican party have socialist beliefs?

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions… We’ll be looking everywhere.

    dnd -Love that bumper sticker – funny and perfect.

  7. Dooty

    man, I just finished a “discussion” of about 3 hours with two Mormon women from Idaho. They were nice and all but it was how I would imagine how it would be to talk Ayn Rand. Their main point was get the govt out of my bizness Let me work hard and keep the money I make. I don’t think we changed each others mind one bit.

  8. Donald Trump: ‘I’ve Always Had a Great Relationship With The Blacks


    Go on Donald, dig yourself in a little deeper.

  9. dog hussein dog

    Doots: You get great credit for having tried! Maybe some of your ideas will sink in. Maybe not.

  10. Anonymous

    just watched 3 black guys walk out of house up the street from me carrying a flat screen tv. I know the widow lady that lives there . I called 911 and she has been notified.

  11. Dooty

    I am anonymous for some reason.

  12. Donald Trump scares me.
    He is the KING of creep.
    Like I have said before, maybe not here….. but anyone with his money that continues to have “that hair” has to have serious mental or perception problems. I mean really. (?!) He has the worst hair in the world. It’s not even cool weird – it’s just gross. He’s gross…

    Wow, I got though this post without swearing……. 🙂

    ( hope the widow lady has insurance)

  13. http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles

    live bald eagle feed – the baby were born a few ( maybe several) days ago…yesterday the Momma was feeding them fish.

    Everyone enjoy the weekend. Peace.

  14. Dooty

    I talked to the widow lady about 6pm tonight and the creeps got her wedding ring and some random jewelry all insured. I recommended she get bars for the windows like I have and an alarm she said that was already in the works.

  15. So sad… but…
    Nice that you are there looking out for her….wish more people were like you. 🙂

  16. TempeBev

    Finally, Gov. Jan has some smarts. She vetoed the birther and gun bills so thoughtfully crafted by our not so smart legislators.


  17. dog hussein dog

    Hi Bev and all.

    Politics does not necessarily disgust me.

    Seeing it so badly covered — or major topics not covered at all — by mainstream (read: corporate owned) media disgusts, frightens and appalls me.

    Having people turn away in disgust or despair plays well into the hands of reactionaries.

    It also tamps down enthusiasm by young or new people who might like to take a turn at running for office and getting things accomplished, democratically.

  18. dog hussein dog

    Bev: had never heard of IZ or his version of “Over the Rainbow”.

    Wonderful recording. Listened to it twice. Thanks.

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