BP Oil Spill – One Year Later

It was one year ago that the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, 11 people lost their lives and oil began gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.  It wasn’t long before oil began washing up on the gulf coast.

Today gulf coast governors, mayors and chamber of commerce types are saying that every thing is just fine and tourists should come on down.  Marine biologists, wetlands biologists and environmental scientists are telling a different story.

With the unrest in Libya and the resulting rise in gas prices there is a renewed call to drill in environmentally sensitive areas to allow the U.S. to be independent of foreign oil and immune to global oil prices.  In light of the devastation from the BP spill, there should be a renewed call for clean energy and conservation.

Earth Day is April 22.



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31 responses to “BP Oil Spill – One Year Later

  1. dog hussein dog

    I am thinking and hoping that Japan’s recent tragedies will help make the case for cleaner solutions with less potential of catastrophic results.

    Balloon Juice is having a great discussion on whether we’re close to the bubble bursting on conservative wingnut politics.


    May it be soon. Because then we can move forward and solve some problems, instead of wishing them away or blaming someone else.

  2. Dooty

    I have smelled the smoke but not today. We had a rain storm yesterday with high wind and hail for a little while today was pretty cool like in the mid 60’s the fires are about 75 miles west of here so far. The BNSF railroad has a big yard here as does the Union Pacific.

  3. After BP dumped all those cancerous chemicals into the Gulf after the spill I only got one thing to say.

    I don’t eat fish, freshwater or salt nor do I eat shrimp, craps or oysters. And if I did there’s no way in Hell I would eat anything coming out of the Gulf.

    Nor would I go swimming in those waters. No telling what you might get from what they dumped there

    There are numerous marine life washing up dead this year, Dolphins, Turtles, fish and birds. That tells me that the Gulf waters are not safe for fish or humans. First big storm we may see a lot more oil start washing up and I worry more now about another breached oil rig in the Gulf. Another one will probably kill the Gulf for good and along with it all the coastal states waters and economy’s.

  4. TempeBev

    Had an out of the ordinary experience today. We had a scheduled electricity shutdown between 11am and 6 pm. OMG – it was dreary inside, no computers, no TV, after escaping to the mall and the library, we had to come home and talk to each other. It really felt strange. Glad when the lights came back on. :>)

  5. Scheduled electric shut down? What kind of third world crap is this?

  6. TempeBev

    Our electric company was doing updates and repairs to the lines. At least they sent a letter announcing the shut down so we could prepare. Actually, Brian, your response made me think about how fortunate we are to have all of our utilities available 24/7, as opposed to the 3rd world countries.

  7. dog hussein dog

    Happy Earth Day, y’all.

    Good Friday too. And late Passover greetings to Brian and anyone else …

  8. dog hussein dog

    Saw that Krugman column — it started as one of his blogposts.

    Brilliant. Needs to get printed out and quoted to folks who don’t understand the difference between “patients” and “consumers.”

    (And both deserve protection, frankly.)

    • dnd

      From Krugman’s piece:
      ” There’s a reason we have TV series about heroic doctors, while we don’t have TV series about heroic middle managers.”

      Hello? The Office? 30 Rock? 😉

  9. Anonymous

    wrt /the office and 30 rock I would not consider them to be about heroic middle managers.

  10. Dooty

    I don’t know why this keeps dropping my name but I posted again as Any mouse.

  11. I’d argue that making more use of natural gas makes sense as well. It still has carbon, but much less than coal.

  12. Dooty

    fort worth tx has a ton of urban drilling going on for nat gas. there are a lot of people not happy with the chemicals the companies are using to fract the wells. there have been several instances of livestock getting sick and dying and people too. There is a town called Dish that has the most contamination around here. So far, we have leased our mineral rights to the companies and have received about $500 for them. They have drilled across the interstate from us but they don’t pay right away and there are a lot of little pieces to the pie. So, maybe next year I can afford to go to Starbucks once a month.

    • dnd

      There was a story on the local tv news about a family who’s water had nat gas as the result from fracting. The guy turned on the faucet held a lighter to it and sure enough a flame came out of the faucet.

      Time for clean and green.

  13. Dooty

    yeah I have read a story about that too.

  14. TempeBev

    So is the Law firm dropping defending DOMA good or bad? I understand the chief lawyer has joined another firm that will continue to represent the H of R. It’s amazing that some people just can’t leave other people alone if they don’t share the same views.

  15. Well I’ve been scheduled to work 64 hours this week, keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t kill me!

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