The President Releases His Birth Certificate

I’m guessing this isn’t going to satisfy the birthers.



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11 responses to “The President Releases His Birth Certificate

  1. Now what will the bigots and PUMAs find to cluck on about is the question that comes to my mind.

  2. dnd

    Eric Cantor was just on Fox “news” criticizing the President for releasing his birth certificate. It’s one thing to be a member of the opposition party. It’s another to be a completely transparent ass.

    And no, I wasn’t watching Fox, it was reported on the Stephanie Miller show 😉

  3. Damn….you beat me too it.

    Breaking news….

    Obama releases copy of Live Birth Certificate.

    Photo of Live Birth Certificate….

    Now the birthers, racists and bigots will all scream that its a fake. Watch and see…

    • dnd

      Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who was court marshaled because he refused to go to Afghanistan as he thought the President wasn’t born in the U.S., is probably feeling pretty stupid sitting in the brig today.

  4. dog hussein dog

    Honest to God, I don’t know why Obama and his advisors didn’t release the long form birth certificate earlier.

    I realize a lot of people are not going to be satisfied no matter what, but why let the “birthers” go on and on about this?

    I did not realize he’d never before released the long form.

    Hate to say it, but President Obama contributed to this years-long distraction.

    We live in such an ugly, Fox News-enabling world. The Obama team should take that into their considerations.

  5. dog's eye view

    Video of the President’s remarks in the White House briefing room.

    “side shows and carnival barkers”

    Tee hee.

    the transcript:

    Tee hee.

  6. TempeBev

    Trump is an overt racist and he take pride in showing and crowing about how wonderful he is. Now he’s going after O’s college education. If other repubs = embarrassed by his actions for once in their life the should open their mouth and say something but we know that won’t happen. As Jon Stewart said, “I hope he is the repub candidate.” Jon will have a ball with that one.

    Survived my toe surgery yesterday and am enjoying my pain pills.

  7. dog's eye view

    Bev: good luck with the surgery recovery. Pain pills are goooood.

    Going to a past-midnight tea party in honor of royal wedding, which is at 3 am Pacific. Wish they’d serve mimosas, but not sure they’ve got a liquor license.

    If they aren’t watching on BBC, as they plan to, will be out of there. Refuse to watch the U.S. networks and commercials. Or anything at all about Trump or his ilk.

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