April Tornado Devastation

Hundreds killed, thousands homeless, and millions without power.

The devastation that’s ripped throughout the South shows us what’s really important, and it ain’t all that birther crap.

For those wish to help:

• American Red Cross: U.S. mobile-phone users can text REDCROSS to 90999 to add $10 automatically to their phone bill. Or visitredcross.orgor call 800-733- 2767.

• Catholic Charities: The charity accepts disaster donations via phone (800-919-9338) orcatholiccharitiesusa.org.

• Salvation Army: The charity is providing food, drinks and spiritual support to victims. Text GIVE to 80888 to donate $10 through your phone bill. Call 800-725-2769 or visit disaster.salvationarmyusa.org.



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22 responses to “April Tornado Devastation

  1. dnd

    The Ryan budget plan calls for huge cuts in FEMA. I’m wondering how this is going to go over with those in the South who’ve been hit by these tornadoes.

  2. TempeBev

    Somehow something always happens, either natural disaster or manmade, that changes the plans made to help the country survive. The plans get f%$#@ed up and show how shallow the repugs are. The south will rise again, but it won’t be with the Ryan FEMA cuts.

    AZ gov Jan has vetoed a couple other conservative bills. The best obnoxious quote is from Sen. Gould: “To me, this is just ridiculous. You have a governor who claims she’s a conservative who vetoes conservative legislation.” Maybe she’s finally getting a conscious.

    Politics still suck and disgust me after a two week reprieve.

  3. *stretches & yawns*

    Well I’ve survived a 64 hour work week!

  4. Dooty

    hey Dnd it dropped my name again but this time I caught it.

    here is something I found extremely funny. The Donald has his own clothing line and guess where it is made? After all his China slander that is where his clothing line is made. MADE IN CHINA. Tiptoe from you know where found this.


  5. TempeBev

    D- it must be the wonderful spring weather – toe is doing well. Thanks

  6. Bin Laden has been killed, prez to make a statement!

  7. 8 years ago to the day bush made the “mission accomplished” speech

  8. dog hussein dog

    President Obama’s address was graceful and generous and he tried very hard to point out we are one nation, indivisible. He has so much more class than those who would try to tear us apart for political gain.

    Amazing news this was done without US casualties, and that they managed to keep a lid on the operation for months.

    Grateful all around.

  9. dog hussein dog

    It is refreshing to see competence in government.

    In disaster relief, and in pursuing bin Laden to the end.

    Been a bad week for birthers and government detractors, no?

  10. Can’t wait to hear what if anything Cheney will have to say!

    tee hee

  11. Yes it is d, that’s why I posted it at 11:14 last night!

  12. TempeBev

    Will there be any fallout concerning the burial at sea of Osama?

  13. TempeBev

    Here’s the first complaint I read: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42859267

  14. dog hussein dog

    Sounds like they handled bin Laden’s body with respect.

    Mindful of the photo op with Saddam’s sons. (And it’s STILL good that Uday is dead.)

    • dnd

      It’s interesting to see how the radical right is giving credit for bin Ladin’s death to Bush/Cheney and saying Obama didn’t act soon enough, or that this action will inflame further attacks. Wow.

  15. TempeBev

    Gee what a surprise from the right! Bush deserves all the credit. Obama not so much.

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