Has the “National Taxpayers Union” Jumped the Shark?

The National Taxpayers Union, which is a lobbying group and neither a union nor national has been spending $1.25 million in add buys to convince everybody that President Obama is trying to raise taxes on oil companies and put our energy future at risk.

Their beef is the calling for an end to the dual capacity credit, which allows American energy companies to deduct a portion of foreign taxes they pay from their U.S. tax bills, and to the firms’ ability to take a domestic manufacturing deduction allowed under Section 199 of the Tax Code.

All this while the American  oil energy companies have made record profits and President Obama has dealt with Osama bin Ladan.

Not really smart timing if you ask me.



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13 responses to “Has the “National Taxpayers Union” Jumped the Shark?

  1. dog's eye view

    Hadn’t heard about this. Thank you for informing us.

  2. Dog on the move

    Interested to hear what Pres Obama will say about immigration reform. He’s speaking in Texas on it in a few, per NPR.


  3. Dooty

    Gov Good Hair Perry ask us all to pray last weekend for rain. Today President Obama came to Texas and it is now raining. ‘Nuff said!

  4. Dooty

    dropped my email and name again,
    Raining again at my house this PM Obama has some strong juju!

  5. dog hussein dog

    Good morning all. May this Friday the 13th be a good one for you.

    News from Bev’s neck of the woods: Chihuahua races! When they can get them to.


  6. Oh we know a lot of people who won’t win that “honor”.

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