June 6, 1944.



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9 responses to “D-Day

  1. Dooty

    dropped my email and name again.

  2. TempeBev

    I know d-day is an important date in history. Since I really wasn’t aware of WWII and have never become a history buff, this date has meaning to be because it was my parent’s wedding anniversary.

  3. dog hussein dog

    Good afternoon, all.

    Ah, hadn’t known significance of date. Thank you for the reminder.

    Odd that December 7, 1941 is indeed a date that lives in infamy, but June 6, 1944 sails through less remembered.

  4. dog hussein dog

    The Los Angeles Times commemorated D-Day’s 67th anniversary with photographs.


  5. TempeBev

    At least politicians who have problems controlling their dicks is not party limited.

  6. dog hussein dog

    Yeah, but some politicians are better at acknowledging same on Friday afternoon.

    A wiener all around.

    No offense to dachshunds.

  7. dog hussein dog

    It would be refreshing if Wiener would choose not to run again and a stronger candidate could compete in 2012. He’s from an allegedly “safe” district, and time to give someone else the microphone.

    Preferably someone who can connect well with voters and pithily and accurately defend healthcare, jobs, financial reform and consumer protection, and other important legislation.

    Wiener is damaged goods.

    They don’t “all do it”. Find a better congresscritter for this district.

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