Well, as we all know by now, Anthony Weiner has admitted to lying about his rather questionable hobby.  Caught with his proverbial pants down.
The far left is claiming that what he did was no worse that David Vitter, Mark Foley, Larry Craig, John Ensign, Rudy Giuliani, Bob Packwood, Mark Sanford, Chris (bare chested) Lee, Newt Gingrich, and of course Arnold.  The far right is comparing him to Eric Massa, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards and then  Bill Clinton, both in behavior and lying to cover up. (Interesting factoid: Clinton presided at Weiner’s wedding last year.)
Weiner, a firebrand from New York’s 9th, is a media darling and used every opportunity to get in front of a camera.  By confessing on a Monday he is sure to get a full week’s worth of coverage, muting the messages the Democrats want to get out.  This makes him about as popular as Sarah Palin at a Romney rally.  Conspiracy theorists feel this is probably why Nancy Pelosi has called for the  House ethics committee to investigate whether Weiner violated any of the chamber’s rules.


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33 responses to “Weinergate!

    • dnd

      First we had massive flooding. Then devastating tornadoes. Now massive wildfires in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. How bad are these wildfires? There has been a haze over Denver from the fires smoke.

    • dnd

      “so what”

      Well for one thing, it makes Andrew Breitbart look good. You really don’t want to encourage that guy. Ask Shirley Sherrod.

      For another, since NY is losing two CDs, the 6th is now vulnerable.

  1. this will blow over, the seat is safe.

    • dnd

      A caller to Stephanie Miller: “Sarah Palin took her bus tour to Nebraska yesterday. She wanted to celebrate D-Day at Omaha beach.” 😉

  2. TempeBev

    Just want to say I’m happy to be a part of this “lame bunch at BackChannel.” I miss those who have left, but perhaps it’s just as well they did.

  3. haha, yeah Bev. Looks like wordpress has done some updating.

  4. TempeBev

    Since there are only a few women who blog here, I have to ask the guys. What is it that possesses the male species to tweet, youtube, email and other means pictures of their “junk,” their bare torso etc. I think legitimate magazines exhibiting photos is fine. The guys are getting paid for posing.

    I just don’t understand why a person holding a public office thinks that exposing himself by taking self-photos and sending them is something that is OK. Does the power of the office make him think he is entitled to let people know the “real” person? Is it a sickness?

    I admit it may be my age, but I think I would rather look at a dead body rather than a man’s hairy penis. I just don’t think it’s the most attractive part of a man’s physique. However, I just came across a website that may answer my question so you guys are off the hook!.


  5. depends on the penis bev!

  6. TempeBev

    Sorry D, Tim Tebow is off my list for the same reason I didn’t like Kurt Warner. I’ll stick with my original list of qb’s.

  7. And Bev lets be fair, have you ever been to spring break or Mardi Gras? Look how many females expose their breasts at such events.

  8. TempeBev

    Never been to SB or MG. However, I do think that the boob is better looking that the penis. However, from your perspective, I understand your disagreement.

  9. dog hussein dog

    OK, Bev. You got me to click on your link. Made me wonder how long until we get a “Bonobos for Weiner” group.

    This whole week is making me happy I don’t have cable.

    Make that “year.”

  10. TempeBev

    Dog – cable is nice at times with some of the series that are on. But you’re right, the 24 hr repetition and continuation of whatever the latest scandal is can be a real downer and turner-offer. Actually the prime networks can be just as bad at times. too.

  11. Dooty

    so have yall played with Google today? in honor of the birthday of Les Paul you can play their guitar and even record it


  12. dog hussein dog

    ah. was wondering about the google home screen today.

  13. dog hussein dog

    OK, I’ll bite on the topic.

    Who thinks what should happen in the Weiner debacle?

    I am thinking (40%) mainly of the cost of administering a special election, and think it makes sense to keep Weiner in office, albeit as a (yes) greatly diminished member. Who pledges not to run in 2012 and to stick to his constituents’ business.

    However, I feel even more strongly (60%) that he has disgraced himself and should step down. His asinine behavior is a distraction and a gift to Republicans.

    Yes, Republicans often ride something like this out (Larry Craig, David Vitter; to be fair, William Jefferson — Democrat — he of the cold hard cash scandal). Doesn’t make it right, and there is a double standard. (IOKIYAR, anyone?)

    NY-9 seems to be a safe Democratic seat IF they put up a good Democratic candidate.

    Brian: can the governor appoint someone to fill out Weiner’s term? A special election would cost millions …

  14. He should tough it out and get re-elected. This storm will pass.

  15. dog hussein dog

    Hi Brian; yeah, I have some friends who counsel the same.

    for BC readers: lest you missed it:

    Weiner Like Me

    The congressman from New York has given us Weiners a bad name, and let’s face it: we didn’t have a great one to begin with.

  16. The sad part as far as I’m concerned Dog is that this has killed his chance to run for mayor.

    • dnd

      Weiner is toast. His raison d’être was to be a moralizing firebrand. Good luck with that now. Next time he steps up to the podium and starts screaming at the Republicans, Boehner will say: “Hey, Anthony, I found a picture of your pee pee on the Internet.”

  17. I think you’re wrong D, he’ll recover.

    • dnd

      He may keep his seat, and his seniority (good for the district), but he’ll lose his power. Two words: back bencher. As to his mayoral ambitions, what’s his slogan? “I’m not a cross-dressing perv like Giuliani!” “If you want a moral mayor, dig up Fiorello La Guardia!”

  18. he’ll be as much of a back bencher as Bill Clinton and Barney Frank. Geez D get off your high horse.

  19. Whatever d, you’ve decided Weiner is toast and any opinion to the contrary you’re just going to find reason to dismiss.

  20. dog hussein dog

    Tee hee re the Gingrich resignations.

    I think Weiner’s toast — at least for now — in terms of credibility and being an effective advocate.

    The Republican party is imploding so spectacularly (see comment above) that Democrats can afford LESS to have such deplorable behavior practiced by one of their own.

    Gives our clueless Magoo media — and cynical, low information voters/observers — a chance to say “See. They’re ALL like that. Equally.”

    Agree that Weiner can possibly survive electorally.

    Question for me is “should he?” Because there’s an opportunity cost to not giving another, possibly better candidate a congressional seat.

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