Why Weiner Left

With Anthony Weiner’s resignation from the House speculation runs rampant on what forced him out.  Was it the sexting, the lying about it or some combination of the two?  And there’s the questionable judgement about the 40 minute presser, not to mention his resignation presser.  Regardless, his fan base has been crying foul since others have committed far more egregious offenses, yet kept their seats.   Well, maybe not all of them, witness Eric Massa and Chris Lee.

There’s a third option.  Alex Wagner said yesterday that Congress is like prison.  You’re likely to get a shiv in the back unless you have a gang, and Weiner didn’t have a gang.   When Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Steve Isreal told him it’s time to go, he had to know he didn’t have a gang.  Truth is he never did.  Despite his long career in the House and his fan base who loved to see him scream and shout on the floor of the House, he was not all that popular with his Democratic colleagues.

While Andrew Breitbart is high-fiving himself, Boehner and Cantor, while they said he should leave, are probably depressed.  Now it’s back to defending Republican debt-ceiling madness.  Not a pretty thought.



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15 responses to “Why Weiner Left

  1. You may be right D, but I for one am very disappointed in my party right now.

  2. dog hussein dog

    Morning all.

    I hear you, Brian, but I am NOT disappointed. I realize there is a double standard for Republican vs. Democratic scandals (since John Ensign is a household word, right?). But I’m glad to see the Democrats take the higher road on this one.

    Ta-Nehisi Coates, or more properly one of his blog commenters, had an interesting take:

    from reader/commenter: ” … But the way his “consensual” dalliances started shows a pattern: Wiener gets contacted by a female, he friends said female and sends banter that progresses into sexual banter. If that’s his pattern, what female constituent would feel totally comfortable contacting him? It just isn’t right for half his constituents to think they might have to exchange sexting for getting him to take seriously their problems with government agencies.”

    from Coates: “That covers it for me. I just don’t see, and never have seen, what’s so fuckin’ feminist about supporting the “creepy boss,” or better put, the “creepy employee.”


    Creepy behavior is creepy behavior, and the Democrats are better off without it. Start anew with someone fresh.

    We’re all human, with frailties. That doesn’t mean Weiner should get to pull his party through the mud too.

  3. Dooty

    I am disappointed in Weiners actions. whether it is wrong or moral is immaterial but it, for me, indicates a lack of judgement that I thought Weiner had. It certainly gave the rightwinged assholes an opening that they will use to their enjoyment. We did not need that.
    The left is better with him gone if that is the way he acts.

  4. For Want of a Word, Arizona’s Jobless Lose Checks


    Seriously fucked up! Maybe people will finally wake up to voting against their own interests really means

  5. TempeBev

    Wouldn’t that be nice for a change in AZ?

  6. dog hussein dog

    Yeah, RIP Clarence Clemons. Great guy, great talent.

    It’s comparable to the Stones losing Keith Richards.

  7. Not to mention that Stewart has a bigger audience and gets a lot more respect!

    • dnd

      It’s hard to believe that Wallace can say with a straight face that Fox, the channel of Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly, tells the “other side of the story.” The only credible journalists on Fox are Shep Smith and in a distant second Chris Wallace.

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