Jon Huntsman’s Chances

Jon Huntsman is getting into the presidential race.  He’s moderate.  He’s sensible.  He’s smart, particularly about China.  He’s a former Governor.  These are all the qualities for someone to beat President Obama in the 2012 election.  Yet these are all the qualities that won’t get him the nomination in today’s Republican party.

William F. Buckley Jr. stated that Republicans should nominate the most conservative who can get elected.  But today’s Tea Party has a different view with their purity test.   So it may be that Huntsman has little chance of being nominated.

He may however become part of the ticket.  As with Bush 43, where Republicans thought he was incapable of governing but OK with  having Cheney as a shadow president, Huntsman may be the the VP choice of some radical Tea Party candidate.



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22 responses to “Jon Huntsman’s Chances

  1. Dooty

    big stain on his chances are that he worked for the evil Democrats. What with Obama being a Socialist Huntsman will be demonized because he was part of it. Wait and see. He won’t pass the smell test of the Teabaggers.;

  2. I was going to say exactly what doots said. I got a better chance of getting the GOP nod than Huntsman does.

    • dnd

      I think Huntsman has two big problems: he’s moderate (has a proven track record of working across the isle in Utah) and he’s boring. Great attributes for a diplomat, but not too appealing to the hair on fire set that’s taken over the Republican party.

  3. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tuesday, June 21, 2011 — 10:49 AM EDT

    Huntsman Announces Run for President

    Former Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. of Utah officially announced he was running for president on Tuesday, telling an audience of supporters and reporters gathered at a park facing the Statue of Liberty that he would be a better leader than President Obama, for whom he served as an ambassador to China until May.

    “He and I have a difference of opinion on how to help the country we both love,” Mr. Huntsman said of Mr. Obama. “But the question each of us wants the voters to answer is who will be the better president; not who’s the better American.”

    Under cloud cover that turned the Hudson River behind a steely grey, Mr. Huntsman vowed to provide “leadership that knows we need more than hope,” and “leadership that doesn’t promise Washington has all the solutions to our problems.”

  4. dog hussein dog

    I wonder if Huntsman’s real constituency will be the media. David Brooks will be able to find many good qualities in Huntsman that he refuses to see in Obama.

    In other news, Mark Kelly retired from NASA and the Navy to spend more time with Gabrielle Giffords. They’re writing a book.

  5. dog hussein dog

    My take on Huntsman: most elections, I would welcome a pragmatic moderate, as he seems to be, to the race.

    However, the Republicans of today are so unhinged from reality that it would be a real tragedy to give them another term in the Executive branch.

    You would get some caustic, cruel, bitter tea with a pleasant face.

    That said, Huntsman’s candidacy gives the press a chance to fellate a “serious” Republican (what they do best) in lieu of pointing out how truly radical and ignorant the rest of the GOP presidential candidates.

    (Romney is neither, but he’s a cautionary tale. All his money and he has clearly decided he has to adopt ridiculous views and run away from his actual achievements to compete in a race to the bottom.)

    One cool thing about Huntsman: he’s wisely decided to forego the Idaho caucuses.

    More people should. It’s a petri dish of a state, and the caucus process itself is ridiculous and not representative.

    Regional primaries, with at least a week to vote by mail.

  6. dog hussein dog

    Uh, roger. Iowa.

    If I were Huntsman, I would not take a VP slot for a tea partier.

    Keep the brand clean.

  7. As was pointed out on Tweety’s show tonight, Huntsman doesn’t stand a chance of winning the south.

  8. Dooty

    this came from one of my facebook friends pretty humorous

  9. TempeBev

    My kids from Utah are visiting this week. They would vote for him in a heartbeat. They said he was the best democratic republican gov Utah has ever had.

    • dnd

      Yeah Bev, Huntsman was regarded highly by Democrats that he worked with when he left office. A vanishing breed in the Republican party.

      He’s throwing out some red meat to the base in the beginnings of his campaign (no on gay marriage, balanced budget amendment), but it’s questionable if it’s enough.

      Smart diplomat. I hope he can go back to the foreign service once he gets bumped from the nomination.

      • dnd

        Okee-dokee, it’s time for the pundits, both left and right, to start being critical of the President’s speech on troop reduction in Afghanistan. I’m going to watch the Rockies v. Indians game.

  10. dog hussein dog

    Yeah, Bev, I think Huntsman could be a real contender, beyond the wackos in his party’s base. Big business might be real interested in funding him as an alternative to the wingnuts.

    SO: remember: a vote for Huntsman is a vote for Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor and Jim Inhofe and Richard Shelby and every other radically awful Republican officeholder out there.

    Republicans in the Executive Branch.

    Not just President Huntsman.

  11. Lindsey on CNN, his take, Patreus loses, Biden wins. And this is wrong because?

  12. TempeBev

    It’s too bad that so many “fix the US of all it’s problems” repugs have come out of the woodwork to try for the nomination. I think if all the money that will have to be raised and spent on the various types of campaign advertising. Too bad they can’t form a loosers club and donate the money to things that really need fixing – infrastructure, schools, and everything else they ignore.

  13. TempeBev

    Yeah, Cantor walks out and wants the Prez to come in and tell them how it should be done, so the repugs can whine and say they’re not going to go along with anything and blame it on the dems. They don’t have the foggiest clue about what it means to compromise.

    Did you all see the newest hoof and mouth disease that McCain had this past week? Since McC hates Jon Stewart, Jon did his own interview with McPuppet McCain – hilarious.

  14. dog hussein dog

    I am hoping Cantor’s walking out blows back badly on him.

    It just might.

  15. TempeBev

    oooh, the house issued a “symbolic” slap to Obama over the Lybian authorization. They are so full of themselves they think the public is impressed with their authority. I hope they get blow back hard!!!!

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