Monday, Michele Bachmann announced in her home town of Waterloo Iowa her candidacy for President of the United States.

I’ve been to Waterloo.  Several times.  Nice town.  Nice people.  Up the highway from Reinbeck, Lincoln and Grundy Center.

Rienbeck is known for it’s “Sweet corn day” where they hand out free sweet corn and hot dogs to all who come to this wonderful community event.  The farmers donate the sweet corn and the local Hormel plant donates the hot dogs.

Lincoln has watermelon day where they hand out free watermelon in their community event.

I once got a parking ticket in Grundy Center.  I was taking my elderly aunt and grandmother to the drugstore while I was visiting, and the time ran out on the parking meter.  My parking ticket consisted of a printed notice that said: ” We noticed your from out of town and wanted to inform you that there is metered parking here.”  No fine.  Just the notice.  I pulled all of the coins out of my pocket and stuffed the meter.

The people I know from eastern Iowa are mostly hard working farmers.  They wake up at 5 am to listen to the corn, soybeans and pork bellies futures report on the radio while they are feeding the livestock.  They are the quintessential small businessmen.  Nowadays they have agricultural degrees, GPS’s in their tractors and download satellite information to monitor their crop.

They are conservative and liberal. They are smart.  But they are not the sort that is Michele Bachmann.



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9 responses to “Waterloo!

  1. dog hussein dog

    What a whackadoodle.

    Minneapolis City Pages (alternative newspaper) has a cool app.

    Type shitbachmannsays.com into your browser.

    And, here’s link to 2006 profile by local reporter that Matt Taibbi may have borrowed heavily from for his Rolling Stone article.


  2. dog hussein dog

    Here’s the Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone piece.


    Haven’t read it. Hoping Bachmann will really step in it and there won’t have been a need to bone up on this particular loon.

  3. dog hussein dog

    Obama rattled a few cages yesterday.

    I love the smell of desperation (or is it delusion?) from Mark Halperin in the morning.

    More interesting: Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC getting approved, for chrissake.

    Just love it when our journalists are hacks and our comedians actually give a flying fig about campaign finance and fair elections.


    I’m not sure Colbert actually intended to massively fundraise; wonder if it was more pointing out how hugely dangerous this practice could be, and that it appears to legal.

    If he is fundraising, though, I’m in!

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