Happy Canada Day

Today’s the day we have a Labatt’s to celebrate our neighbor’s to the north.



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5 responses to “Happy Canada Day

  1. dog hussein dog

    Happy Canada Day.

    May our US political system improve, or Canada is going to have some real problems on its southern border.

    • dnd

      I’ve traveled the Trans-Canadian Highway from east to west. And while they are as culturally different as we Americans from east to west, the thing I noticed is that they were all friendly and welcoming to their neighbors from the south. The further north you went, the more they were glad to meet you.

      Being from the west, I mostly relate with western Canada. Driving into Calgary from the east looks a lot like driving into Denver from the east. And the beauty of Banff National Park easily rivals the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park.

      My fondest memory of Alberta was, at the time (and this was a long time ago) they couldn’t charge more than $0.25 for a draft glass of beer. Granted they were 7oz glasses, but that was the law, and as a consequence, they didn’t have pitchers of beer. A bartender told me that as such, if you wanted more than one beer, protocol was to order several to save your waitress the endless treks to the bar. If you ordered one, they’d think that’s all you wanted and never come back. I don’t always listen to good advice, but in this instance I most assuredly did 😉

  2. dog hussein dog

    I’ve not driven Canada, and it sounds wonderful. Definitely got to see Banff.

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