2011 and a half ~ Bev

It’s officially 2011½ now that we’ve reached July.  What happened in the first half?  Did anything of importance to affect the middle class other than continually doing things to make them extinct?  Is the upper class more worried about paying more taxes?  Are jobs becoming readily accessible?  Are more people keeping their homes?  How many more Crusader Rabbits will become candidates for the Republican nomination?  What has changed?

Ok, not so much.  So what will happen in the second half of 2011?  Will there be a surprising compromise between Democrats and Republicans about the debt crisis?  Probably not.  Will Michele Bachmann become the leading candidate?  Possibly in some states I’m glad I don’t live in.  Can Obama win a second term – does he even want to?

Change is a naturally occurring phenomenon, whether we like the results or not. The one thing my naïve self finally had to accept, is that the various media outlets, whether network or cable, report the news in ways that get them the biggest ratings.  Yes, I was that naïve.  They exaggerate, bend, ignore, stretch, and many more adjectives, the real story.  Rarely do they tell the straight facts.

Reporters ask questions that should get them punched in the nose.  “How do you feel?” after a mother’s son has just been killed.   Stories are continued far longer than necessary just for ratings. Pure stupidity.  I agree the public has a right to know, but what we need to know is the facts not the emotions.

I finally had to accept this truism.  Another balloon in my life has popped. I’m running out of balloons.  No wonder people are giving up newspaper subscriptions and watching television news.  No wonder Wikileaks has people worried.  The truth may actually come out.  It’s not surprising that Jon Stewart is the one of the most trusted news sources.

Will the media ever give the straight facts without huge exaggerations?  Probably not in my lifetime.



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5 responses to “2011 and a half ~ Bev

  1. dog hussein dog

    Good post, Bev. Thinking on it.

    I think part of the right’s/moneyclass’s plan is to wear us down through attrition, and play to people’s cynicism. Grover Norquist and his ilk did not stir up this shitstorm overnight. It’s taken years.

    Agree re media fail.

    Although I am starting to see some glimmers that a few big papers (looking at you, Washington Post) are starting to realize the Tea Party — and those afraid of it — could do a lot of damage.

    I am also hoping that the far rightwing actions are outrageous enough that we might see 2008-level Democratic turnout.

    • dnd

      It’s Walter Cronkite’s fault. He raised the bar so high that those who have followed decided that the only way to get ratings was not to emulate him, but to emulate Jerry Springer.

  2. dog hussein dog

    Twitter Town Hall with President Obama:


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