My Stimulus Job ~ Brian

Me in the OR

I wanted to give you all an update about what’s been going on my life for the past seven months and at the same time tout the benefits of Barack Obama’s stimulus plan which is so often reviled by the GOP and their mob (aka the Tea Party).  As many of you know  in the last half of 2010 my free lance IT business went into the toilet.  Long standing clients of mine were closing their doors due to the economic downturn and finding replacements was proving impossible.  Faced with the prospect of losing my home I decided to look for a job, sadly I was unable to find a job in time to save my home but luckily was able to find (with the help of friends) more modest digs and avoided becoming homeless.

As you can well imagine, being 52 and having long been out of the job market the prospect of looking for a job was quite terrifying.  Months slipped by, I sent out countless resumes, and went to more than a few interviews, no one was offering me a job.  Then I came across an ad on Craigslist “Your Big Break into IT Healthcare” that had been posted by Mt. Sinai Medical Center here NYC.  Having no idea what the job was I replied to the ad and received an email back telling me to show up that Marriot Marquee on a certain date to be interviewed.  1,200 people showed up for the interview, Sinai was looking to hire 103 people.   Luckily I was one of the 1,200 hired and on Jan. 3rd I went to work at Sinai.  Here was the deal, Sinai was going to pay us crap but they would get us credentialed as Epic trainers (Epic is the leading electronic medical records software, they control approx. 40% of the market).  After starting my new job I quickly learned that the reason the hospital was switching to an all electronic charting system is because under the president’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 hospitals will reap huge financial rewards for becoming with compliant with the “Meaningful Use” aspects of the law, hospitals who are not compliant after 2014 will have Medicare funds withheld.

Tomorrow is my last day at Sinai, I was originally contracted to work till May 28th but have been repeatedly extended, in fact I am the last member of the team still at the hospital.  On the 21st of this month I will be going up to Rochester, NY to start working at Rochester General Hospital for a 9 – 12 month contract with a strong likely hood for permanent employment for more money that I could have ever imagined earning!  Not only will I be making more money than I ever have in my life, I love the work I am doing, all in all a pretty damn good deal!  So the next time someone tells you the stimulus plan isn’t working tell ’em “bullshit” it is working, the problem is it isn’t going far enough.



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17 responses to “My Stimulus Job ~ Brian

  1. Anonymous

    Good luck, Brian!

  2. Anonymous

    Good luck, Brian. (Didn’t know I wasn’t logged in with WP.)


  3. tnx eprof, long time no see, hope you are well and not suffering from that dust storm i read about.

  4. TempeBev

    Congratulations, I know you’ll be a great success in the IT Medical field.

  5. thanks Bev, it’s funny how life works out, I never thought for a moment I’d be doing things like going into the OR to do tech support. It’s a serious relief to find a new career at this stage in my life that I really enjoy and pays well! Thank you Barack Obama!

  6. dog hussein dog

    Amazingly, you’re still kinda recognizable under that get-up.

    Lovely post, Brian, and you tell it about the stimulus funds.

    Look out Rochester!

  7. Dog I’ve seen some seriously amazing things while working in the Labor & Delivery OR.

  8. When they offer me a permanent gig and I accept it I’ll change my screen name.

  9. Dooty

    scary looking outfit.

  10. dog hussein dog

    You’ll just have to drop a C.

    Anybody else catch Obama’s twitter press conference today?

    • dnd

      Hey Brian,
      Might be a good idea to send a copy of this to the prez, your senators, house representative and governor. Those guys always like reports of when they do something right.

  11. d don’t they all read this blog?

  12. Good luck Brian with your new gig.

    I just lost my job at the end of June. One of 300 that no longer are working where I was and a full nine months away from being able to collect full social security.

    I moved into my new home I bought at the end of February and I hope I can make ends meet and not end up possibly losing it. The main thing is that my mortgage with insurance, taxes, interest and principle is under $500 a month.

    I will catch you all at another time as this is my first day online in two weeks and almost bedtime.

    I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and are doing well. Take care my friends and …

    God Bless.

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