Space Shuttle Atlantis

The end of an era.  The question now is: what’s next?




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22 responses to “Space Shuttle Atlantis

  1. Dooty

    watched the lift off never ceases to amaze me.

    here is a guy that is a scream

  2. TempeBev

    “The end of an era. The question now is: what’s next?” Great summary – it will be interesting to see what happens.

  3. dog hussein dog

    Hoping the shuttle comes back to Edwards so that I can hear the sonic boom.

    Very hard to believe it’s the end of the era.

    Missed the launch! Was brewing coffee; remembered it was about time and it had already lifted off.

  4. dog hussein dog

    I always liked Betty Ford. And President Ford.


    • dnd

      Betty was a great First Lady. There are several reasons I think Gerald Ford was a great President and she was one of them.

  5. TempeBev

    Dooty – Pearce hasn’t been recalled – the state just confirmed there were enough valid signatures in the district in which he was elected to hold a recall election in Nov. Now someone needs to step up and run against him in his district. Probably another Republican Mormon who isn’t quite so Pearce-like. Crossing fingers for a change in Nov.

  6. Dooty

    Bev they are on the right track.

  7. TempeBev

    Anybody watching le Tour de France? Freaky crashes.

  8. dog hussein dog

    Rick Perlstein has a good essay on Betty Ford’s cultural significance in the NYTimes today.

    Her memorial service from Palm Desert will be carried on C-Span beginning at 5 eastern, 2 Pacific.


    “… Betty Ford always seemed to be vindicated in the controversial things she kept doing. Which, of course, is one of the definitions of a genuine leader.”

  9. dog hussein dog

    Here’s the link to Betty Ford’s memorial service.

  10. dog hussein dog

    Some good electoral omens: Janice Hahn, Democrat, won Jane Harman’s congressional seat. No big surprise there, but reassuring.

    And Wisconsin Democratic primary voters selected actual Dems to contest in the August recall elections. There were some ratf*cking Republican “protest” candidates running as Dems, but none prevailed.

    I am hoping the idiocy and fury and screaming over raising the debt ceiling and protesting against inefficient incandescent lightbulbs are getting noticed. Seems that they are.

    All that and Murdoch getting hit in the pocketbook too.

    Rather a nice week, but for losing Mrs. Betty Ford.

  11. dog hussein dog

    … against phasing out inefficient bulbs, but being bright bulbs yourselves, you knew that.

  12. Once again Sarah Palin invokes the phrase “Now is not time to retreat, it’s time to reload.”.

    During an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Wednesday night, Sarah Palin sent a strong message to Republicans on the issue of raising the nation’s deficit limit.

    Sarah Palin is either very brave or very stupid. To even use that phrase again even though she said its not a call for violence after what happened in Arizona shows she does not care if it indeed leads to another nut using a gun against Democrats or even Republicans.

    Who’s to say that another Jared Loughner psychopath or even a sociopath won’t attempt to kill dozens of people who believe the hateful racist, bigoted talk she is known to give to the American Taliban Extremist Christians.

    Hell, even Sarah could have someone walk up to her and give her a Gabrielle Gifford. Wonder why she would even take the chance of that happening. Like I said she is either very brave or very stupid.

  13. Dooty

    “Sarah Palin is either very brave or very stupid.” Annon said this.

    I vote both dooty said that.

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