Happy Bastille Day

The French helped us win our revolution, so it’s only fitting that we celebrate theirs.



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17 responses to “Happy Bastille Day

  1. Lets celebrate with some freedom fries!

  2. TempeBev

    French guy still has the yellow jersey

    • dnd

      I prefer the Giro d’Italia to the Tour de France. Better scenery, less hype. That said, I question any sport where contestants pee their pants because they can’t stop. It’s no wonder they take a shower before they ascend to the winner’s platform. 😉

  3. Dooty

    Brian aren’t they still Freedom Fries?

  4. dog hussein dog

    Living perilously near the “Orange Curtain” (the OC line), I shall keep you apprised of further OC poutrage re the Sarah Palin flick.

    Happy Friday.

  5. dog hussein dog

    NYTimes breaking news banner: Les Hinton, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, says he is resigning.

    FBI chops are being licked, as we speak.

    Roger Ailes next, please.

    (PS: remember those funny stories a few months ago about Ailes’ paranoia about his family’s security at his upstate New York estate? Pretty sure Esquire ran one. Maybe he was Lady McBething up there.)

  6. TempeBev

    d- is that race on TV? When is it? BTW, some take “natural breaks” according to the announcers. They didn’t wear a diaper.

    Loved Michelle B’s pronunciation of “chutzpah.”

    • dnd

      The Giro d’Italia is before the Tour de France So you don’t see the prime time players, but you see the up-and-comers. . It’s on cable, but you have to look. I think this kind of bike racing is a lot like NASCAR, except the bicyclists have to turn right and go up and down hills. But it’s a team sport.

      ps. They don’t wear diapers. They just pee. Presumably it doesn’t interfere with their chain lube 😉

  7. Afternoon peeps, just touching base, hope everyone is well, I’m busy as hell getting ready for the big move. Heading up to Rochester this coming Thursday. BTW anyone keeping up with News Corp scandal? Quite the story, nice to see the Murdochs squirming!

  8. Dooty

    although the violence on the Mexican side of the border is extreme, the border region of the US seems pretty safe these days.


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