Farm Aid 2011

Today’s the 26th annual Farm Aid.  Started in 1985 by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp as an effort to save family farms that were having hard times.  Willie, Neil and John will be headlining, just as they did in 1985.  Dave Matthews, who joined the Farm Aid board 10 years ago will also be there, as will a number of great acts.

Both of my parents grew up on family farms.  That’s where I learned to ride a horse.  That’s where I learned that pigs really do not appreciate you trying to straiten their tails by pulling on them, despite what my uncle told me.  That’s where, when I commented to my aunt on the smell of manure she told me: “It smells like money to me!”

Back then there wasn’t big agribusiness to compete with.  Just hard working people who worked from dawn to dusk and made America a great country.  And it’s family farms that still make America a great country.

If you want to listen or contribute, go to:

“Just as rock & roll is loud and proud, so is Farm Aid. Farm Aid’s greatest accomplishment, I believe, is in the spirit. It’s the fact that we represent the spirit of the good fight, to keep something good happening. It just keeps getting stronger and stronger….”

– Neil Young



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22 responses to “Farm Aid 2011

  1. Dooty

    let the dogs out at 6:15 this AM and there was RAIN happening out there. very odd. been a long time

  2. Dooty

    anyone wanna speculate on the amount of grass is smoked today in Kansas City?

    • dnd

      “anyone wanna speculate on the amount of grass is smoked today in Kansas City?”

      You mean in Willie’s tour bus or the crowd?

    • dnd

      Well, to avoid mowing the lawn, I watched Rick Perry’s announcement speech. A half hour of disingenuously dissing President Obama, and 30 seconds of saying what he’d do: balance the budget (like Clinton!), lower taxes (like Bush 43 and my that worked out well), deregulate business (which got us into this mess in the first place), and tort reform (so we can’t sue business’ that harm us!). Oh, and repeal Obamacare.

      It’s interesting that someone who was the Texas chair for Al Gore’s campaign to talk like a teabagger.

      What a smarmy, skeavy jerk.

      I shoulda spent that time mowing the lawn.

      • dnd

        Meantime in Ames they can’t get the hum out of the PA system at the straw poll speeches. And people who are eating deep-fried butter are voting on the Republican presidential candidate.

        • dnd

          Michele Bachmann beats Ron Paul in the Ames straw poll!

          I don’t know what this means and I don’t care.

          I still want to know why anyone would eat deep-fried butter.

  3. TempeBev

    Saw the picture of deep fried butter and almost threw up. Your question of why anyone would eat DFB is something to ponder about. It may keep me up all night trying to figure it out. How about for starters: “They’re all a bunch of dumb shits who have to have their daily ration of a quarter pound of butter?”

  4. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Sunday, August 14, 2011 — 8:54 AM EDT

    Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty Quitting Repubican Presidential Race

    Tim Pawlenty, the former governor Minnesota, dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential race on Sunday.

    What a loss!

  5. Dog Hussein Dog

    I’m glad to see they gave that nice Laura Ingram a slot on “This Week.”

    That show just does not feature enough GOP talking points.

    Why, Paul Krugman was on at least 3 times last year.

    Hope they locked up the garden hoses, though.

  6. Dog Hussein Dog

    dnd: saw that! Balloon Juice was having fun with it last night.

    God bless the Telegraph (UK) and whoever took that photo.

    The woman appears on — what, five — Sunday chat shows and that’s what we’ll remember from this weekend.

    Life is good.

  7. Dog Hussein Dog

    Such a strange image from the Ames, Iowa straw poll politicking.

    This man would not be at home in today’s Republican party.

  8. TempeBev

    Oh good, another big headed evangelical conservative from Texas (no offense, Dooty) ready to lead the country to salvation.

  9. Dooty

    Bev no apology needed there is nothing I can do about it anyway other than leave the state and I am not ready to do that yet.

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