Liberating Libya

Another tyrant gets shown the door.  NATO forces backing the Libyan rebels are succeeding in the overthrow of Gaddafi.  And yet President Obama is being unfairly criticized by the right for our role in enabling freedom of the oppressed.  News flash:  the Libyan people don’t care about the petty politics in the U.S., and neither should we.



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16 responses to “Liberating Libya

  1. Dooty

    from the other thread: nice looking car should be easy to add a snow plow to help you get to work this winter….:) did you get this from your brother?

  2. TempeBev

    Good choice – good color – good car!

  3. Morning peeps, yes doots I’m getting it from my brother. Bev buying this car has made me feel like a teen again, it’s a nice feeling.

  4. Dog Hussein Dog

    It’s a gorgeous car. Will suit you and Ralphie well.

    Doesn’t Gaddafi look like a wax figure there?

    Very glad the tyrants are falling.

    (The real ones. Not the fake ones, like Obama, that skeer wingnuts.)

  5. Dog Hussein Dog

    Frontline tonight: Pot Republic: Marijuana in California.

    PBS in Los Angeles area, anyway.

    Mark your calendars! (Brian will quiz us all tomorrow.)

    Although I may be at the beach after dark, watching “Jaws” on outdoor screen. duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh

  6. Dog Hussein Dog

    I find it interesting the NYTimes just put up a front page story on last night(!)’s Colorado quake. Strongest since 1882. (Typing this at 1:39 p Pacific)

    Parity, I guess, since the East Coast quake’s been headline news for hours. (Strongest since 1897)

    The West. America’s stepchild.

    • dnd

      In other news,’s site is featuring the Virginia quake.

      It’s amazing that a 5.9 could be felt from NYC to Atlanta.

      ps. This region of Colorado is pretty active seismically, but they are teeny, tiny quakes.
      pps. The Colorado quake was the largest since 1967, 1973 or 1982, depending on who you listen to. 😉

  7. My teen years never suffered from a lack of trouble!

  8. TempeBev

    Bike race is fun to watch – bad crash today. The spectators are a little less inhibited than in the Tour de France.

  9. Not sad to see the colonel go. I just hope we don’t end up a new theocracy in Libya though.

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