Caption Contest

Brian posing in front of his new ride.  It needs a caption.  Suggestions?



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16 responses to “Caption Contest

  1. Good looking guy, the car aint too bad either!

  2. Dog Hussein Dog

    “Slit eating grin? Is my hearing going too?”

    Saw a car just like this in Long Beach tonight. With ski racks. Beautiful vehicle.

    This car fits you, and Ralphie will love hanging out the window in a car with style.

    Brian: I was worried about you in Manhattan, and then realized you’ve moved to the North Country. This car will be great transport up there.

  3. Dog Hussein Dog

    Caption contest: Parking space and tie optional.

    dnd: thanks for posting that Schaeffer blogpost. We need to see more of that and less Eeyore-ish doom and gloom.

    Good for the soul.

  4. Now only if I could afford the gas!

  5. TempeBev

    “Have job, have car, I’m happy!”

  6. Bev wins, that pretty much says it all!

  7. Dog Hussein Dog

    And then I see on Talking Points that Sean Hannity did a panel discussion on “Is Obama Dumb?”

    With Tucker Carlson.

    You can’t even parody this stuff.

    But I guess that was providing cover for Mr. Perry because — you know — they’re ALL dumb. No difference at all. Move along.

  8. TempeBev

    Yes – to answer your question.

  9. Dooty

    how bout “A Cruiser for a cruiser!

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