Hotter than the 4th of July

August was the hottest on record for Denver.  The first day of September may be the hottest September temperature on record.  It’s certainly hotter than the 4th of July.  Won’t even talk about about Texas.  In the mean time the east coast from North Carolina to Vermont gets devastated by a rare Cat 1 hurricane.

Is this evidence of climate change resulting from global warming?  Hard to say.  Weather anomalies happen all the time.  But the trends seem to indicate something’s going on.



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29 responses to “Hotter than the 4th of July

  1. Dog Hussein Dog

    My sister and brother in law built their own house near Richmond, VA near a grove of 18 tall trees that have been standing for 80 plus years.

    Sixteen of them came down during Hurricane Irene.

    Because the ground was so saturated. They withstood the wind for hours, almost to the end of the storm, then pulled up from their rootballs.

    Huge old trees, that had been there since the Great Depression or earlier.

    Makes me sad.

    Eighty years.

  2. Dooty

    I know all about hot after this summer it is still in the hundreds this week there is a chance of a cool (relative) next week but they been talking about that for about 3 weeks now. I am losing faith.

  3. “Is this evidence of climate change resulting from global warming? ”

    For me this debate is over, global warming exists, the science is overwhelming, it’s time we stop engaging with people who want to cast doubt on the issue. I don’t debate the age of the planet, I won’t debate global warming.

  4. TempeBev

    I’m sure you all know Arizona is hot too! We’re 110+ for the next week. I agree with Dooty – I am losing faith. They said it would get cooler (104+) but revised the forecast for the coming week.

    Brian, I also agree with you – the planet is getting warmer, and anyone who says otherwise is full of shit.

    Waiting for winter . . .

  5. TempeBev

    Thanks D – I checked the prices and think I’ll stick to the radio.

  6. Dog Hussein Dog

    Happy Labor Day weekend all around.

    Anyone been to a state or county fair this summer?

  7. Dooty

    not gonna be 100F today only in the high 90’s looks like it might break this coming week. maybe highs in the mid 80’s yippee!

  8. Dooty

    well, they were right. it is 9:50 am now and it is 72F like a breath of fresh air to say the least.

    • dnd

      Apparently your governor who was to appear at the S. C. teabagger forum has decided not to appear so he can attend to the wildfires in TX. Why just now is he expressing concerns for the fires in TX?

  9. Dooty

    beats me he has never been too worried before must be feeling some heat no pun intended.

  10. TempeBev

    Seems like we’re all taking turns at hosting a big uncontrollable wildfire.

  11. Dooty

    There is not much area of Texas left that has not been affected by wildfires this summer. Low temps today but still dry. we need about a month of rain all over Texas to even this out. Seems like we are just waiting for the locus to arrive.

  12. Hey Guys,
    I hope everyone had a terrific holiday weekend.

  13. Dog Hussein Dog

    Doots: your Tejas wildfires are on the front page of the NYTimes website.

    Don’t see any rain your governor prayed for.

    “It is the worst fire season in the history of Texas,” said Justice Jones, a spokesman for the forest service, “and Sunday was the worst fire day in the state’s history in regards to home losses.”

  14. Dooty

    over 500 homes have been burned to the ground down in Bastropp County. That is near Austin. Very much cooler here today lows in the high 50’s this AM but dry no rain as Dog said.

  15. Dooty

    yeah over a thousand homes…. The repukes in the State congress slashed funds to volunteer fire fighters this session by 75% Good move huh? A guy I have met a couple of times thru Brad Davis lost his home in the Bastrop fire yesterday. He is a singer/songwriter/dj on Sierrus (SP) Outlaw Country. Dallas Green is his name. Said they are ok have insurance and will be fine but there are gonna be a lot of people that will have lost everything.

    • dnd

      I wonder if any of the Republican candidates at the debate tonight will mention that fact that the state cut funding to the volunteer fire fighters?

  16. Dooty

    his name is Dallas Wayne not Dallas Green Dallas Green is or was a pro football coach whom I have never met.

  17. Dog Hussein Dog

    What will it take to wake some people up?

    I guess a functioning government, in the form of enough firefighters and first responders, isn’t always the problem some people would have you believe.

    Very sad to hear of the Texans losing their homes. Horrible.

  18. TempeBev

    Any pre-opinions on the GOP debate tonight?

    • dnd

      “Any pre-opinions on the GOP debate tonight?”

      40 minutes into the debate I’ll be changing the channel to watch the Rockies v. Dbacks game. Maybe sooner 😉

  19. TempeBev

    My opinion is they all suck! However, Obama isn’t doing great either.

  20. TempeBev

    Atta boy, D!

  21. Dooty

    wild fires have now claimed upwards of 1400 houses.

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