Give ’em Hell Barry!

Tonight the President gave his proposal on how to generate jobs in America.  The cable pundits on the left say this is a sop to the corporatists.  The cable pundits on the right say he’s a socialist.  This can only mean his ideas have pragmatic merit.

In the mean time the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints are kicking off the NFL season.  The Packers are the only publicly (non-corporatism) owned team in the NFL.  The Saints are still in New Orleans thanks to the federal assistance after hurricane Katrina.

ps. I stole the “Give ’em Hell Barry!” from Chris Matthews.



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13 responses to “Give ’em Hell Barry!

  1. TempeBev

    Speech interesting, Green Bay wins, and another terrorist warning. Good way to end the week. Oh yeah, my big disappointment. Peyton Manning had cervical fusion today – my hubby had the same thing this summer. PM’s career is probably over. If he got back to playing, he’s stupid.

    Dbacks looking good.

  2. Dog Hussein Dog

    Good morning.

    I hope we see “Give ’em hell Barry” a lot.

    Great speech, and a lot of his points were repeated so frequently they’re easily memorable.

    Would be great to call your congresscritter — even if that person is already on board, especially if not — to demand quick passage of the American Jobs Act.

    District offices are usually easier to get through to; calls are great; handwritten letters even better.

    Let Congress and the press know Obama’s speech is getting a positive response.

  3. Dog Hussein Dog

    Thread comment from Tim F of Balloon Juice, on the importance of contacting Congress:

    ” I talked to a decent number of staffers from both the Senate and the House during and after the healthcare bill endgame. Not volunteers but actual policy advisers. A lot of Reps and Senators were on the edge for that bill, and our calls had a real impact. They had heard from nothing but Beck fans up to that point. They had the impression that voting for the bill would get them lynched. They genuinely needed to hear from our side, yet until our campaign started they had not.

    Calls work best when (1) the issue already has a ton of public attention, because lobbyists prefer to work in the dark, (2) a meaningful number of Reps are on the edge about it and (3) polling numbers are at your back. The healthcare bill fit that to a T. The jobs issue is another case where individual Republicans will have a really hard time serving the party if they feel like their individual asses are hanging too far out in the wind.”

  4. TempeBev

    Do I detect a slim possibility that the repugs sort of, kind of, maybe are in a little agreement with O? Except for Eric C of course.

  5. They need a deal just as much as he does Bev.

  6. TempeBev

    Breaking news: We’re getting a few raindrops and the temp has fallen to 95. Not sure I can handle this big change.

  7. TempeBev

    I have no idea – I think it’s up to the pitcher and since I only know who the manager is, I guess we’ll have to see on TV. Do you get the DB games in CO or just when they play the Rockies?

  8. TempeBev

    Have a good weekend, everone

  9. TempeBev

    That should be “everyone.”

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