Bank Fraud

A FOB (friend of Bev) has a few interesting thoughts:

“I have been complaining for the last two years about all the excessive “nickels and dimes” being charged by banks for nothing. Bob and I bank with an extremely small credit union with only four branches. They provide us with everything we need and more. Mom has been with Wells Fargo for most of her 99 years and regards her bank as a revered institution, as she does Uncle Sam. She did all her investing with Wells and has always kept big balances in her checking account, but they have done nothing for her, believe me. Let’s see, she does get about 17 cents in interest but she pays countless increasing fees for who knows what. I finally pulled her out of Wells, now that she is totally unaware, and we have her pension checks going to her new account at the credit union.

Bank of America just kicked themselves in the rear today. I think this will be that “final straw!” Customers have been loyal because they have been told that it is important to have a long-time relationship with their banker, (so they can get special privileges, perks and better rates on loans, etc.) I think customers now realize that there will be no turn-around and no friendly hand extended to help them out at anytime or anywhere. I hope the big banks lose huge numbers of customers, just like Netflix. It is time to stand up for ourselves. Internet banking is becoming a big thing. Credit Unions are getting new customers and individuals are getting together and forming their own banking groups. The greedy just think there is no end to the amount of punishment people are willing to take. Have you noticed lately how the hotels are coming up with more and more additional fees to cover their losses? Marriott’s luxurious spending nearly bled us dry. While I am on my soap box, I also think that it is disgraceful the way Bank of America has made its customers pay for its stupid decision to buy Countrywide with all its problems and failures. Wells Fargo purchased Washington Mutual, I believe and WM was involved in laundering Mexican drug cartel money. There is just no end to all of this, that I can see. We give the banks generous loans to help them out in their time of need. They use it to pay for their big mistakes and to reward the people who made those mistakes. Then the banks proceed to foreclose on their customer’s loans and take away the homes of the very people who just gave them money to bail them out. Instead of negotiating better terms on mortgages, so that people can continue to pay them, they choose to go for the greater almighty profit. Now that the interest rates for banks to borrow money is near zero, they have decided that it is only right to turn around and charge interest rates on their credit cards ranging from 17% up to 33% and more. We used to put people in jail for usury. Don’t these fat cats realize that this “loan sharking” is taking the country down? I am pissed! It makes my blood boil when I watch that TV series called American Greed. Warren Buffet needs to start a 12-step program for all the addicted greedy goons.

I now predict that Obama will be reelected for sure. I don’t think the American people can stand one more day of the rich boys and girls complaining about their taxes and how they have to pay for disaster relief and for the care of the elderly and pay for all those sick people that just want a free ride. I could ring the necks of the Tea Party people, who think that the U.S. would be back to #1 if everybody would just be able to keep their own money. I don’t think they even recognize the demise of the middle class right in their own nearby neighborhoods. I was listening in on conversations at the bank today. I do not think there is a person in CA that has not been adversely affected by the economic disaster that continues to brew. I think I may just campaign for no one to be returned to D.C. We need at least a two-year break from politicians. I don’t things would be any worse if we closed down the govt. for a while. (Maybe things would get better without them bickering and we would save money).

There are those who want us to pay for any and all wars with no whining, huge bailouts with no complaining, but they are the ones unwilling to pay one penny more for dealing with the hungry, sick, helpless and hopeless people in the United States. Students that live in nice houses are going hungry these days. We are not just talking about the homeless any more. Instead of sending our young people to foreign countries to volunteer to help the poor, I think we should start sending volunteers to areas of poverty in every city in the United States. It won’t be long before young people from other countries will travel to the US on their school breaks, to help the unfortunate people here rebuild their lives.

No one ever asks the Dept. of Defense to cut back on the billions they spend every day rebuilding the foreign cities they have helped destroy.  The rich want their tax breaks because they say they want to hire more poor people so they will have jobs and can spend money. I wonder why there is so much unemployment, even when the rich have very few regulations but do have huge tax breaks and loop holes. There is no correlation that I can see between how much money the wealthy accumulate and how many new jobs they create. The billionaire club has grown by leaps and bounds, but jobs have not. They do a good job of keeping the stockholders happy with profits due to the cheap foreign labor they hire. This is getting scary because no one in Washington seems to “get it.” I can’t wait to see what our friend Jon Stewart will have to say about the banks’ latest shenanigans.

Since I am unloading all my pent up angry feeling on you guys, I will tell you that Bob and I spent the weekend talking to employees of ebay, and many other companies in India and the Philippines! We had our checking account drained in the time span of a little more than an hour on Saturday morning. Someone went on a spending spree on our dime, buying up gift cards, etc. and selling them immediately on ebay. The crooks don’t even need your credit card now. They get your card #, quite easily and then they use machines that can be purchased to make any card they want. Home Depot has the video of a man in buying gift cards with our money. Neither Home Depot, nor the police have the time or will to pursue it. Besides California is letting people out of prison because we can’t afford to keep them in. Oh my, I don’t think this is the world of our dreams.



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7 responses to “Bank Fraud

  1. dnd

    Hey Doots, Congrats to your Rangers. Is Beltre awesome or what?

  2. Dooty

    thanks I agree Beltre is awesome. Napoli is the other new comer to the Rangers this season. He came from Anaheim via Toronto because Anaheim thought he was a bad catcher and his offense was not particularly good. In the last series against the Angels, Napoli hit about 6 HRs and wiped up the Angels. It was great to see. Just yesterday he hit 2 HRs and threw out BJ Upton at second when he tried to steal second.

  3. Sarah’s not running, what a loss to the body politic.

  4. TempeBev

    I’m a little surprised that no one has any opinions to express about my friend’s thread. I can’t believe that with all the coverage about the protests on Wall Street that no one has anything to say. I can’t believe that no one has been affected by what was in the thread. Do any of you have a debt card from B of A? Do you disagree with what was written? All of your bank accounts AOK and your houses paid for, and no one has any problems with the banking institutions or Wall Street, and you’re all in the “wealthy class” and your biggest worry is the changing of your income tax breaks?

    I understand that baseball is important because it’s the national pass time, and we’re thrilled that Sarah isn’t running, but the issues presented in the thread are important and my friend has put into words what I assume (I know I shouldn’t assume) what we have all been thinking. Maybe I’m wrong.

    I would sincerely like to hear some discussion on the subject of the banks and Wall Street.

    If I’m being a prick by sticking up for my friend’s written words, so be it.

  5. To be honest Bev I’ve been so busy over the past few days I haven’t had a chance to really read it in full. However I’m off for the next couple of days and will do so tomorrow and add my two cents worth! Promise!

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