Steve Jobs 1955-2011




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17 responses to “Steve Jobs 1955-2011

  1. TempeBev

    Steve Jobs was a true innovator and will truly be missed. So sorry about his passing, however, we knew it was coming. Just found out he and I shared the same birthdate. Our family and extended family have been Apple devotees for a long time. . We have all iMacs, laptops, ipads, ipods, and iPhones. One son still has the color Apple SE classic.

    • dnd

      I had intended to leave Bev’s friend’s post up longer, but the passing of Steve Jobs changed things.
      If you haven’t had a chance to read it, please do. It’s a pretty good rant, particularly in light of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

      • dnd

        It’s interesting to hear journalists comparing Steve Jobs to Edison. Jobs was not an inventor of technology. Jobs was a risk taker who took promising technologies to market. He was a master marketer and shrewd businessman. And he insisted computers be easy to use, and in the case of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, essentially appliances.

        My prayers to his family, friends and all who followed him. He’ll be missed.

        • dnd

          Well, it’s official. ESPN has ended it’s relationship with Hank Williams Jr. after his rant on Fox & Friends, calling the President “the enemy” and the Hitler comparison.

          So today’s question is who should replace him?

          Chely Wright? Toby Keith? Brad Davis?

          Any ideas?

  2. Dooty

    all here is a music program (free with commercials) (paid monthly w/o commercials) called Spotify is the place to download their software. type in an artists name and it should pop right up with listenable links to music. For dnd Brad Davis is represented here try it you might like it.

  3. DonAldo Mesa

    So many wonderful tributes to Steve Jobs have been said, sung, tweeted, blogged, and even printed in the old-fashioned way. I am very sad with his death, but my reasons from the sidelines don’t match with those of the people who knew him personally. I hope what I say as follows doesn’t offend anyone… I know several persons including a nephew-in-law whose millions (which he does not flaunt) resulted from extended cogitation in a garage. Several of my neighbors have turned their garage space into a ManCave… however, there are probably some in my area who still use their garages (secretly) for heavy thinking, visioning, tinkering, toiling, inventing or modifying the world that has not yet been reported. I believe all houses should have a garage and all apartment buildings should have a private space in the basement for each abode dweller to sit in and restructure the world…probably as important as strong public education or charter schools…especially for those younger guys and gals who have not yet found a haven to expose the sparkle of their synapses. Steve Jobs popularized the garage as the place of nascent progress!

    • dnd

      What a wonderful comment. So before I start agreeing with you, a couple of corrections:
      1. It was Dave Hewlett and Bill Packard that first popularized the garage as the place of nascent progress.
      2. Woz was on TV the other day and said that most of Jobs work was out of his bedroom, calling suppliers and stores where they made sales. It was Woz that was tinkering in the garage.

      That petty nit-picking aside, we are a nation of guys and gals tinkering on some project in their garage, basement, spare room or kitchen table. Almost all of them will fail. And almost all of them understand that. Yet they do it anyway. It’s not for the prospect to make a gazillion dollars. It’s about the passion of an idea. Ya gotta love that. I think you’re spot on.

  4. DonAldo Mesa

    Thanx dnd. I do know that HP were/are the “core” of some apple… when someone dies I always stretch the truth a bit, I guess, in their memory. When Dave or Bill die I’ll try to remember to bronze their garage. As to my own garage, I am living under the threat that when I die, a family member is going to the door, striking a match and throwing it directly into the most flammable material… There are lots of great :-} ideas lying around that space just waiting to be finished…I think they are waiting for the second BigBang…’cause I’ll never finish them for certain.

  5. Dog's Eye View

    I  Steve Jobs. Godspeed.

    Typed on my MacBook.

  6. Dog's Eye View

    DonAldo: to garage tinkerers and spare bedroom dreamers and to kids having time (offline!) to develop and use their imagination.

  7. Dog's Eye View

    Anybody been to an Occupy Wall Street protest?

  8. TempeBev

    Planning on attending the OWS in Phoenix on Saturday.

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