Happy Birthday Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is 125 today.  The girl looks as good as ever.



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5 responses to “Happy Birthday Statue of Liberty

  1. considering all the “face lifts” the old broad has had she should look damn good!

    • dnd

      Forget the face lifts, the girl still has a figure. 😉

      More importantly, Game 7 of the World Series tonight!

      • dnd

        Hey Doots, Sorry about the Rangers. I think they were the better team, but as Billy Bean said of the post season, it’s a crap shoot. Brings back memories of when the Rockies were in the 2007 World Series.

  2. Dooty

    Thanks D they sure weren’t the better team in games 6 and 7. They most likely need help at first and some pitching I am not sure that CJ Wilson will be here next year and I am not sure the Rangers really want him after the way he shit the bed fantastic in the Play offs. 4 more months till pitchers and catchers report in Surprise, AZ.

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