Happy Día de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos, celebrated on the first and second of November.  It coincides with All Saint’s Day and All Souls Day.

Part of the tradition is to prepare the favorite foods and beverages of the deceased.  I know what I’m making.  What are you planning for this holiday?  Other than left over Halloween candy 😉



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18 responses to “Happy Día de los Muertos

  1. Dog's Eye View

    The diseased? Copy editor on line one.

    Thank you for starting my day off thinking about my dad. Trying to remember precisely what his favorite food was. He liked several dishes. Good topic to ask my mom about later…

    Definitely raising a manhattan to him later, though.

    Maybe homemade chicken with noodles … ?

  2. Dooty

    copied from the previous post: Hey Doots,
    Does Rick Perry give speeches like this in Texas?


    D, I think there was a mix up and Perry was gave a speech while the stick that is normally jammed up his ass was removed for cleaning. All I can think of.

  3. TempeBev

    Dooty – very well described!! Love it.

  4. Cool graphic d, gives me an idea for my next tattoo!

  5. Dog's Eye View

    OK, so what are you making in remembrance, dnd, if you wish to divulge …

    Now looking like dinner with some friends on the Queen Mary but potables will be part of the evening.

    • dnd

      Spinach & potatoes with generous amounts of pepperocini and grated romano.

      Tomorrow pasta and olive oil and garlic, with generous amounts of pepperocini and grated romano. Or perhaps pasta & ceci.

  6. Dog's Eye View

    Some beautiful work, Brian. How long did that one take?

  7. Danke, 6 hours over two sessions, month between each session. Next month after our first go-live I’m getting a portrait of Tucker done on my chest. Speaking of the go-live, starting this coming Friday night I’ll be working 12 hour overnight shifts, 5 or 6 six nights a week till Thanksgiving doing tech support in the ORs. Killer hours but I’ll make enough money to pay off 3/4 of my dental work.

  8. Try a lot of things, some you succeed at, others you don’t.

  9. TempeBev

    Wow, that’s a lot bigger than my one tiny tattoo on my ankle.

  10. My back piece is a lot larger Bev. What you got on your ankle?

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