Black Friday

Years ago my dad told me that the reason Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday was because of the lack of commercialism.  Just family, friends, food, football and mostly for giving thanks for what you’ve got.  So it’s interesting that the day after giving thanks for what we’ve got, some go crazy for what they want.  The reason that the official day for Thanksgiving changed from the last Thursday in November to the fourth Thursday in November was to expand the Christmas shopping season.

I don’t know what to make of all of this.  I don’t like to shop and I particularly don’t like to shop among frantic crowds.  God bless those who do, but for my money, it’s better to shop on November 26: Small Business Saturday.



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16 responses to “Black Friday

  1. Dog's Eye View

    “Shoppers who had come to the Wal-Mart in Porter Ranch on Thursday night for the much-advertised Black Friday sale got more than they bargained for when a woman used pepper spray to gain an advantage.

    Anna Recalde said her teenage children were hit with the spray. At one point, she said, she smelled her 16-year-old son and asked him, “What is that?”

    “Mom,” he replied, “I was just pepper-sprayed.”

    Recalde’s 13-year-old daughter, Samantha, said she saw a woman wearing a black hoodie make a sweeping motion of her hand with a bottle of pepper spray, sending it into the air near customers.

    “She said, ‘Back!'” Samantha said. “I was just trying to close my eyes.”

    The girl said she was punched in the face by another customer as she tried to grab a crock pot for her grandmother, leaving her with a swollen cheek.”

    The American holiday of gratitude, at its finest. Porter Ranch is in the Valley, about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. It’s on the Ronald Reagan Freeway.

  2. TempeBev

    Have never gone shopping on Black Friday. The stores are opening earlier and earlier to the point that Thanksgiving is being obliterated. Going to the Phoenix Auto show this morning to look at cars. Only spending the price of a ticket!

  3. Dog's Eye View

    With you, Bev. I refuse to support Black Friday, or shopping in a big box store the whole Thanksgiving Weekend. (And maybe not that much at all this year — I forgot to mail a whole lot of Christmas presents last year, so am ahead of the game.)

    Shop local small merchants this Saturday, and as much as we can the entire holiday season.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all.

  4. Hey Gang,
    Hope you all had a great Tday, here’s where I spent mine, very rural

  5. A good time was had by all!

  6. Dog's Eye View

    dnd: I do love it. Thanks. Rescue dogs are the best.

    How goes the Thanksgiving weekend? Supporting small stores and independent merchants out there?

    Next year at this time, we will have a President-elect. Please FSM may it be President Obama who’s won re-election. I haven’t been researching my visa to Australia — or wherever — in the event it’s a Republican.

  7. Dooty

    just had dinner at casa Dooty with Mz Dog’s Eye View. She is on a driving trip back to the East Coast. She was in fine form.

  8. Dooty

    Sean Holton aka Lardass Liberal died today of brain cancer he had been in a hospice for a week or more and taking morphine injections.

  9. TempeBev

    There seems to be a nut under every tree in AZ – tell me what you think. Is she attractive and if so, why wasn’t Herman Cain attracted?

    • dnd

      No she isn’t attractive. Not physically. Not personality. And apparently not attractive enough for skeevy adulterer Herman Cain.

  10. Dog's Eye View

    Good evening all. It was wonderful to see Doots, of course, and Mrs. Doots was (a) having a birthday this week — happy birthday again! and (b) made a fabulous pot roast dinner. Plus a visit with the Doots family dogs, charmers both. Worth every mile.

    Sorry to hear about Sean/Lardass. 52 is too damn young, but he sure wrote some compelling pieces. A pity. Glad that he got to hear how much people cared about him while he was still here. I hope there’s an afterlife, and a second act for him.

    Saw a bit of the Cain mistress’s interview. I think she’s attractive, but not necessarily photogenic. Seemed like an intelligent woman who wanted some excitement in her life. Careful what you wish for.

    Still cannot believe that someone with that many skeletons in his closet would even consider a presidential run. I mean, maybe if he’d pulled the plug 3 weeks in — he’d get exposure and the Fox show, but not all this disclosure by women and denials by him.

    Mrs. Cain is not going to be happy to have him back 24/7!

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