Two Very Different Leaders


On Saturday, 18 December 2011 two leaders died.  North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, a totalitarian brutal dictator who brutally oppressed his people died of an apparent heart attack.   Václav Havel, dissident, activist, last president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of the Czech Republic died from respiratory problems.  His life’s work was to free and empower people.

While the free world is concerned about the transition of power in North Korea, they celebrate the life and work of Havel.



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16 responses to “Two Very Different Leaders

  1. TempeBev

    The good and the bad. What a difference.

  2. Dog's Eye View

    Ah, but which one would look more authentic in an Elvis suit?

    Thinking on the “Velvet Revolution” and wondering what name we’d use.

    If we ever got our country back from the banksters and paid for congressional shills. The plutocrats’ mouthpieces.

    Thinking the Teahadists’ 2010 uprising was the “Astroturf Revolution”, and that it will ultimately fail. Once a Bircher, always a Bircher, no matter what you call it or how fetching the tricornered hat.

  3. TempeBev

    The TBer’s have John Boner over a barrel. According to MSNBC the repugs have been backed into a corner because of they are sticking to the line “we were elected to change things.” Hope there’s a big change in 2012!

  4. Dog's Eye View

    Bev: I hope so too. It’s crucial to get the House and keep the Senate — improve margins there, if possible.

    I think the “angry” Teahadists have nothing on angry Obama voters who voted with hope for change, and have seen the worst Congressional obstructionism in memory.

    It’s been appalling to see how far political reporting has fallen in this country — any reporting at all that’s not on sports and entertainment.

    But I think people are starting to wake up.

  5. Dooty

    Rick Perry has been bashing “over paid Congress” and wants to make Congress a part time job as part of his speeches as he runs for President’ Wants pay cuts for same and really all fed workers. Interestingly this month it has been found out and reported that the Good Gov of Texas is eligible for retirement pay due to about 30 years of Gov service. Due to a loophole in Texas law this clown gets to continue being Gov at a pay of $150K a year plus he can draw his retirement pay of $92K per year. He has been double dipping now since Jan of this year. He did sign into law this year a bill that makes that illegal for other gov workers to do the same.

  6. TempeBev

    Double dipping seems to be a way of life in government service now. It seems to make headlines in many cities and states. We have it in AZ too.

  7. TempeBev

    For once, the repugs caved! Hooray/

  8. Dooty

    not long I believe maybe 1-6-12

  9. Hey guys,

    Ralphie and I are heading down to Florida today to do the holiday/family thing. I’m expecting to arrive at my brother’s place late tomorrow night but if I’m feeling tired tomorrow will stop for the night and not get there till Sunday. I hope you all have a terrific xmas and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

  10. Dog's Eye View

    Merry Christmas weekend and happy holidays.

    Drive safe and be well, all.

  11. TempeBev

    Peace, good health, safe travels, warm homes and all versions of holiday greetings. Hugs to everyone.

  12. Dooty

    happy holidays to all the backchannel group.

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