Newt – A Day That Will Live In Infamy

When Newt Gingrich found out that his campaign failed to qualify for the primary in his home state of  Virginia he compared it to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  The pundits are citing a lack of a Gingrich organization, no ground game, etc.

Fair enough, but I still don’t get the analogy to Pearl Harbor…



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12 responses to “Newt – A Day That Will Live In Infamy

  1. Ralphie chillin on vacation, he’s had a tough year!

  2. My brother, my nephews, my nephew’s squeeze, myself

    My and my mom

  3. TempeBev

    Great family pictures, Brian.

  4. Thanks Bev,

    Just returned from dinner at my Mom’s, we actually cleared the air on a few things, so tonight all is right with the world, but I’m ready to head back home, leaving to go home Friday morning.

  5. Dr Dooty

    So, Gingrich is now saying he is the Reagan in this group of misfits? HAhahahahahahahahahh snort

    • dnd

      Sr Doots,
      Does this mean that Gingrich was originally a Democrat? Or does it mean that he’d sell arms to Iran? Or does it mean he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s?

  6. Dr Dooty

    hummmm posted a comment and now it is gone maybe I didn’t hit post

    the comment was: I don’t know which but I suspect choice number 3.

  7. Dr Dooty

    Dnd you will be interested in this. Brad has a new CD here is the listing on CD Baby

    recorded and mixed at his studio in Commerce, TX pretty hot.

  8. Dr Dooty

    did you download it from cd baby? I have just listened to the little snippets that allow for preview.

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