The Iowa Caucus


Who will win?  Who will drop out?  Does anyone other than the cable pundits care?

My answers:

1. The people of Iowa will win because they won’t have to face the non-stop barrage of political ads on TV and radio.

2. No one will drop out.  Yet.

3. No.



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36 responses to “The Iowa Caucus

  1. TempeBev

    I think you answered the questions exactly right. Glad I don’t live there.

  2. Well don’t under estimate just how many dollars this all brings into the state, either than corn subsidies that’s about it for Iowa! Having our first big lake effects snow storm here right now, to be honest I’m thrilled, I finally get to put the FJ through it’s paces! Back to work in the morning.

  3. “other than corn…..” that should read.

  4. Dog's Eye View

    Great illustration.

    Staying off TV today. Beyond bored with Iowa, and it signifies nothing. What a shabby bunch of candidates.

  5. Do tell us more about your on the ground experiences in Iowa!

    • dnd

      Mom’s from Iowa. Lotsa farming relatives. Friendly bunch. Emigrated from Germany because they didn’t like the Kaiser.

      The down side of on the ground is I got thrown from a horse and the inevitable stepping in a cow patty (meadow muffin, turd blossom, etc.)

  6. Dog's Eye View

    It’s a new Margaret and Helen. Hot off their keyboards, after Iowa.

    And it’s worth the wait.

  7. TempeBev

    Anyone want to gag when hearing the words “President Santorum?”

  8. Anonymous

    I’m so glad God was listening to Perry instead of paying attention to all the football, basketball and baseball players who pray that he will grant them a touchdown, a basket or a homerun.

  9. ditto to what d said, the piece is priceless.

  10. Margaret and Helen are awesome

  11. Dr Dooty

    my daughter is in Denver and will work at the National Western Stock Show in the exhibits hall somewhere. She is selling western accessories of some sort . They have been there since the 1st.

  12. Dog's Eye View

    Happy 100th birthday Charles Addams.

    You must check out the Google logo today.

    My dad has an Addams book, maybe from the 1950s. Love it.

  13. Dr Dooty

    Dog this year is the 100th year for Dale Evans. Last year was the 100th year for Roy Rogers.

  14. Dog's Eye View

    Doots! Good morning!

    Was thinking of Roy Rogers the other day. Do believe that Trigger, stuffed, was on one of the Rose Bowl Parade floats.

    Have you ever seen any of their movies? No for me. Know them as famous people and Roy had a burger chain with a “fixins bar.”

    Getting some coffee and dialing you in a few.

  15. Dog's Eye View

    Balloon Juice linked to this, on Bain Capital’s vulture capitalism practices.

    Special report: Romney’s steel skeleton in the Bain closet

    This would be the year to talk up the “Shock Doctrine” and stripmining the American economy. An issue whose time has come, and even low information voters can see evidence for this one.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      I’m guessing Obama’s re-election effort is doing major oppo research on Romney’s “job creator” claims. Not only with his tenure at Bain, but his lousy record as governor of MA. Gonna be interesting…

  16. Dr Dooty

    Dog woman, when I was growing up, Roy and Dale had a weekly tv show. I think Trigger and Bullet (the dog) were stuffed and were sold to the guy or family that owns RFD TV that is on satellite tv. I seem to remember reading about that a year or so ago. According to Wiki, RFD headquarters is located in Omaha, Nebraska and that is where Trigger and Bullet live now in a diorama in the reception area of the home office.

  17. Dr Dooty

    Dnd, on MSNBC this morning they have a new show called “Up with Chris Hayes.” Today one of the segments they did was all about Romney’s alleged job creations. They panel described how Bain Capital would buy a company and strip all the profit and then borrow against the company then sell the company after all the money was gone. Employees were fired and sometimes rehired at a much lower rate of pay.

    • dnd

      Sr Doots,
      I saw that. I think “Up with Chris Hayes” is one of the best programs on MSNBC.

      ps. I hope your daughter brought a coat when she came to Denver. We’re having what we call “Stock Show weather,” i.e., cold and snowy. If she wants to bring you something from Denver I suggest a shirt from a Denver historical fixture, Rockmount Ranch Wear.

  18. Dr Dooty

    Daughter is covered. as they say this is not her first rodeo. doubt she will buy me anything but I am sure she will make a dent in the beer and wine cabinets.

    In Feb there will be a new show like Up on MSNBC Melissa Harris-Perry will host. She is a MSNBC contrib now and a professor at Tulane I believe. Might be a good show also.

  19. Dr Dooty

    I been wondering where the old racist has been for the last several months.

  20. Maybe Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan can co-other a book together after the primary season, a forward by Santorum would be a nice touch.

  21. Dog's Eye View

    Doots — it was the RFD float that featured Trigger, stuffed.

    Guess better him than Imus.

  22. Dr Dooty

    Tony Blankley died today at the age of 62 from stomach cancer,

  23. TempeBev

    I think it’s Jon Huntsman’s turn to be the weeks rising star. He’s the only one with brains. Mitt’s mouth has overflowed a little too much in his criticism of others. He is a politician no matter how much he claims to be a businessman.

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