Dixville Notch

The results are in and Dixville Notch, NH has voted:

Romney: 2

Huntsman: 2

Gingrich: 1

Paul: 1

Obama: 3




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30 responses to “Dixville Notch

  1. TempeBev

    Following up on my post from the previous article, it looks like Huntsman is gaining momentum.

    • dnd

      Yeah Bev, Huntsman is the only one of the pack who is not a loony or a phony. I’m guessing the Obama campaign hopes he doesn’t pass the Tea Party test.

  2. Huntsman has much chance of winning the GOP nod as I do!

  3. CNN just called for Mitt. Well that was anti-climatic!

  4. Dr Dooty

    1% for Rick Perry hahahahahahahahaha

  5. TempeBev

    I am officially tired of all the Republican candidates running for nomination. Also all the media coverage and newspaper stories.

    How’s the weather in your area?

  6. Dr Dooty

    63f and sunny

  7. TempeBev

    Tempe, AZ is 60 and partly cloudy.

  8. 50s today here in Rochester, very warm for this time of year and as of yet no major snow, weird!

  9. TempeBev

    Wasn’t that refreshing to learn about everyone’s weather?

  10. BP and cholesterol levels next?

  11. Dog's Eye View

    A gift for Dr Dooty and other RickPerryphobes:

    What do Chichen Itza, the Matterhorn, a meteor’s path and and a rollercoaster have in common?

    A gift from Talking Points Memo.


    (No fair reading the URL.)

  12. TempeBev

    Sometimes you just have to have a Twinkie or some Wonder Bread and not worry about Catholic Guilt. CG also applies to Weight Watchers.

  13. Dr Dooty

    I don’t have a Twinkie jones and I never got into Snowballs. Wonder Bread was hard to hind her so no big Whoop. However, the sad local news is that a little bottling company in Dublin, TX is being bought out by the Big Boys Dr Pepper. The Dublin store made DP’s with cane sugar instead of fructose. So, there is no more Dublin Dr Pepper. I didn’t drink any of those either.

  14. What a bunch of jokers you all are. You forgot the other great snack from Hostess—————Chocolate Cupcakes my favorite.

  15. TempeBev

    AP – you’re right, we did forget those great Chocolate Cupcakes. Let’s hope that the goodies keep coming as they go down the bankruptcy path. Good to hear from you.

  16. TempeBev

    Laugh of the Day:
    Has anyone been following the story about Stephen Colbert running for prez and turning his superPAC over to Jon Stewart? Hysterical. The link below is another satirical article. The funniest part is the comment section. After reading some comments I really think the BC gang have much higher IQ’s than the typical CNN blogger.


  17. Dog's Eye View

    Good morning. Happily not watching Meet the Press.

    Thinking more on the Costa Concordia scuttling. Had thought survivors’ and journalists saying “Titanic” was overblown, but think about it. 4,200 souls on board and the crew clearly does not know how to evacuate the ship. Ship came to grief right off the Italian coast — what if this had happened many miles out at sea, with a crew that doesn’t know when to evacuate or how to use and control the lifeboats?

    Potential was way worse than Titanic, and hope this will be a wakeup call to the cruise industry. This was an expensive liner; it’s surprising the crew (speaking of ALL of them, not just those on the bridge) does not know how to evacuate or ensure passenger safety. You’d have thought that was a given.

    Did they think the ship would not list? That the passengers were safer onboard than off? Is a mystery.

    Mostly, I’m surprised a luxury cruise line would not have trained their employees — all of them — much better.


    Amazing pictures in the Guardian. Ship’s captain was arrested.


    dnd: condolences on the Broncos end of season.

    brian: is this your first major snow while a Rochester resident? How are you and the pup (and the Subaru) handling it?

  18. I don’t own a Subaru, I own a Toyota FJ Cruiser, it’s brilliant in the snow, so much fun cruising by lesser vehicles on the highway at 50 mph. BTW based on how many minivans I’ve seen that have skidded off the highway over the last 48 hours don’t get in one during a snow storm, they are death traps!

  19. TempeBev

    So, Brian, you’re convinced that 4 WD is the way to go if you live in snow country?

  20. Big fat all terrain tires, high ground clearance, and vehicle weight of almost 4,500 lbs helps a lot too

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