Goodbye Gabby


But hopefully not for long.



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28 responses to “Goodbye Gabby

  1. TempeBev

    What an icon of togetherness in Congress for a few minutes today. She’ll be back to represent Arizona.

    • dnd

      I appreciated the fact that Giffords’ date, Jeff Flake, was often the only Republican standing during ovations for Obama because he was helping Giffords stand up and sit down.

  2. TempeBev

    Seen our classy gov wagging her finger at thr Prez? The interview of thr gov on the news shows her lack of memory of what was being said. She’s a real ??????. (lack of appropriate descriptive word).

  3. the word you’re looking for Bev is “dick”.

  4. A year today since Tucker passed, I still miss him.

  5. TempeBev

    Missing your pet lasts a long time. Ours has been gone for 4 1/2 years and still miss her. Haven’t had any desire to get another one either.

    BTW, I think “dick” is too nice for her obvious lack of respect for the POTUS. However, listening to the radio and hearing red-neck Southerners express their opinion, what she did was just fine. Kinda brings back memories of why a certain war was fought.

    • dnd

      There’s a saying that goes: “Never blame malevolence on what can be explained by incompetence.”
      While I think she’s just trying to sell her book, I think Gov. Brewer has a screw loose. The elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. A taco shy of a combo plate…

  6. Jeff Flake is Republican correct?

    Sad that she is out of Congress, but amazing that she’s alive.

    • dnd

      Yeah Bruce, Jeff Flake is a Republican. And yes it’s amazing that she’s still alive. Bob Woodruff and Kimberly Dozier seemed to recover completely after their brain injury in war zones. I hope the same for Ms Giffords.

  7. Yes we both miss him, Bev maybe we aren’t supposed to stop missing them, it was just a hard day for me.

  8. * Retiring Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is engaged to his longtime partner, handyman Jim Ready. The pair will marry in Massachusetts but did not give a date. Earlier this month, Frank told PBS that he was looking forward to spending more time with Ready once he left Congress, saying, “I’m in love for the first time in my life.”

  9. TempeBev

    D- you’re right on all comparisons. We just are a breeding state for weirdo’s. Jeff Flake is a Mormon Republican, as is Trent Franks.

  10. TempeBev

    Yes we did!

  11. Yes, the Romneys Converted Mitt’s Dead Atheist Father-in-Law to Mormonism


  12. Well it’s official, I’ll be here in Rochester till at least July.

  13. Tnx Doots, I’m happy about the extension.

  14. Dog's Eye View

    Any bets on Florida primary outcome?

    Anybody catch the President’s Youtube/Google Q&A yesterday? (I’ve not watched it yet.)

    And good news, Brian. They are lucky to have you, too.

  15. Haha, I seriously doubt it d, but I appreciate your faith in me!


  16. Hi gang!!!!!

    Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the RFNP’s on going circus to choose its next head clown for the November election.

    Great news Brian glad your doing good. Before you know it they will offer you a permanent position with an increase in pay and benefits.

    Later gang, have a great day and week.

  17. TempeBev

    After watching and hearing the clips of Obama and Romney singing, the winner is Obama by a long shot. His version of Al Green was awesome. Rom and AtB was not Mormon Tab quality.

  18. Could someone explain to me who’s vote Mitt thinks he’s going to win by coming out in favor of more time for our troops in Afghanistan?

  19. Dog's Eye View

    Happy Groundhog Day.

    We’ve got crocuses up, also lily of the valley; have seen an early forsythia nearby and two trees in full bloom a few miles away. Going to circle back there with a camera.

    Punx… Phil has competition. Both “Dunkirk Dave” and “Staten Island Chuck” think we’re in the fast lane to spring.

  20. Dog's Eye View

    Thinking on Western women with grit (in tribute to Gabby Giffords): caught PBS American Experience on Annie Oakley in the wee hours last night.

    Annie hailed from Ohio, but that was west in her youth. She was born in August 1860, months before Lincoln was elected; lived into the Coolidge era.

    Excellent program.

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