Happy Birthday Abe!

Honest Abe would be 203 years old  today.   As we all honor this date it begs the question if the current Republican party buys into ol’ Abe’s ideas.



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35 responses to “Happy Birthday Abe!

  1. I think today’s GOP values were pretty well summed up in that video of Breitbart I posted yesterday. Well if all goes according to plan today is my last day as a smoker. I can’t looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. I learned a very valuable living in Rochester lesson this morning, never leave your car window open even just a crack when lake effects snow is expected. Yes I had a car full of snow this morning.

  3. TempeBev

    Abe is on the 12th, George W is on the 22nd, and I am celebrating turning 69 on Feb. 24. Feb. is full of great people 🙂

  4. Dooty

    my dad was born on feb 22, 1925
    my daughter was born on feb 17, 1982

  5. I have a convertible, closed windows.

    And even with the dusting of snow we got, there was snow on my driver’s seat this morning. Not a lot, but it was a surprise.

    We had fierce winds night before last.

  6. Ok I made it through work without smoking, naturally we had a major meltdown at work, all the anesthesia machines lost their network connect, lucky, lucky me

  7. Dooty

    congratulations one step at a time

  8. Be my Valentines. Have a good one.

  9. TempeBev

    Same you dog.

  10. Dooty

    happy valentines day peeps.

  11. Day 3 begins, mornings are definitely the worst!

  12. TempeBev

    D – Happy Birthday a day late

  13. Happy birthday dnd. Hope it was lovely. (Good catch, Bev.)

  14. I had no idea it was your birthday d, I hope you had a grand day!

  15. TempeBev

    I’m right there with you D, at least that’s how I feel sometimes.

    BTW, are all you guys and gals carrying your Bayer asprin tablet? Also, how come vasectomies are covered by ins. for men, but the men don’t want the women to have the pill. Bunch of fuddie-duddies to be polite.

  16. Dooty

    happy birthday d

  17. NY Times foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid dead of apparent asthma attack, in Syria, at age 43. Immeasurable loss. Gifted writer.


  18. Happy Birthday from me also dnd and
    Have a great day.

  19. Dooty


  20. Dooty

    then next week is 2 weeks that is how it is done one day at a time down to one hour or minute at a time. Good work.

  21. TempeBev

    Another Arizona Political storm. The GOP Sheriff who walked the AZ borner with J. McCain in 2008. It just never ends.
    Against a backdrop of uniformed personnel and political supporters, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu on Saturday denied allegations that he and his attorney tried to intimidate a former boyfriend into keeping quiet about their relationship and declared he would stay in the race for Congress.

    Babeu, 43, who has been a rising Republican star, called the charges, first published Friday on the Phoenix New Times website, “completely false” and characterized them as a ruse to out a conservative law-enforcement leader as gay, a fact he publicly acknowledged for the first time.

    Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/2012/02/18/20120218paul-babeu-defends-job-campaign.html#ixzz1mqVb5qhg

  22. TempeBev

    PS I have no problem with him being gay. However, his two faced persona is typical of a big name GOPer.

  23. Bev, I’d be happy to help see the light!


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